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9 Sep 2020

At ... the asteroid that struck earth at the K/T boundary came in at an angle of 60 degrees according to a new study. This is said to have maximised the amount of climate changing gases that subsequently ascended into the upper atmosphere. It likely unleashed billions of tonnes of sulphur, blocking out the sun.

8 Sep 2020
Hezekiah Palace

At ... the remains of a first temple period palace has been discovered under Jerusalem's promenade. These include carved stone which seem to have been buried purposely in order to avoid total destruction. They are made of a soft limestone with decorative carvings ...

8 Sep 2020
Pot Pouri

William sent in the link to ... and Robert sent in ... which is a story that hit the media a couple of months ago and was posted on the News at the time. It seems to have had another airing. The site was originally located on the shore of a lake - or what is thought to have been a lake. So far, the remains  of 200 mammoths are said to have been unearthed but the size of the site is not clear at the moment, or how many are yet to be excavated.

8 Sep 2020
Geology in Japan

At ... Japan's geological history is now in question after the discovery of metamorphic rock with microdiamonds in it. Researchers in Japan have discovered microdiamonds in metamorphic rock strata, an unusual phenomenon that is also known from the Italian Alps. They are said to form in collision  zones - one plate crashing into another. Although it is possible collisions of the cosmic kind might be inferred, but left unsaid.

8 Sep 2020
Raining Sand

This is a good one. Sent in by Gary. We have two links, ... ... and here we have the different kind of exoplanets that have been discovered - orbiting other stars. Some look like planets in our solar system. Some do not. The smaller planets are generally rocky and the larger ones, it is thought, are gassified. Some may even be watery. That is the great hope. In a few short years from nothing to 4000 exoplanets are now known.

4 Sep 2020
Nebra Disc

At ... the Nebra Sun Disc has previously been dated to early European Bronze Age ....

4 Sep 2020
Black Holes and a Rusty Moon

At ... a new study questions decades of research on the evolution of spiral galaxies. This might be a game changer, as they say. A new technique has been used for a fresh look at spiral galaxies. In one third of those looked at the disc beneath the bulge does not preserve its exponential profile, but instead, a central flattening, or decrease, is found.

4 Sep 2020
Carrington Event

William has compiled some futher information on the 1859 Carrington Event. In 'The Sun Kings: the unexpected tragedy of Richard Carrington and the Tale of how Modern Astronomy began' by Stuart Clark (Princetown University Press:2007) and selling on Amazon at a low price (and no doubt elsewhere). We learn that on September 1st of 1859 the entire earth was engulfed in a gigantic cloud of seething gas (presumably plasma) and a blood red aurora erupted across the planet from the poles to the sub tropics.

2 Sep 2020
September 1st

At (September 1st 2020) it would seem that on September 1st 1859 a ferocious solar storm engulfed our planet - breaching the magnetosphere, to a degree. This was the so called Carrington Event, named after solar scientist Richard Carrington, who witnessed the flare that set it in motion. Auroras reached as far south as Cuba, the Bahamas, and Hawaii, and set fire to telegraph stations etc. It is welldocumented in the West. However, it seems there were other equally potent flares that caused a problem.

31 Aug 2020
Dinosaurs and Fossils

At ... a fossil titanosuar embryo with a modified 'egg tooth' or horn (an appendage of some kind that was apparently used to break open the egg during the hatching process). Robert provides a link to ... which explains what this feature of anatomy is. Around 25 years ago researchers discovered a massive fossil nesting ground of titanosaurian dinosaurs in Patagonia (southern Argentina).