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4 Jul 2021
Plague in 3000BC

A man buried in Latvia some 5000 years ago had an early form of Yersinia pestis [the plague] - see ... and scientists are thinking this might be an early form of the disease which later mutated and became so deadly, being responsible for the Plague of Justinian and the Black Death in the 14th century AD. The report is therefore coloured by mainstream ideas on how diseases develop over a period of time.

4 Jul 2021
Mammoth Family

Sent in by William - ... placer miners in the Dawson gold fields regularly find the bones of Ice Age animals, including those of mammoths. It is rather rare for them to find them as a partial skeleton - and a whole mammoth would be very surprising. Mostly, animal bones are disarticulated, as one might expect if they had been buffeted around in a tidal surge [running up river valleys]. In May, placer miner Trey Charlie came across a partial skeleton.

4 Jul 2021
Mercury and Magnetism

At ... the prevailing theory that Mercury has a big iron core relative to its crust is under attack. The consensus theory is that much of Mercury's rocky mantle has  been blown away due to collisions in the early solar system. They are always early of course - to keep them at arms length. It left a big, dense, metal core, and this was thought to explain its magnetism.

4 Jul 2021
Space Rock and Dinosaurs

William also sent in the link ... it begins by telling us a space rock struck earth 66 million years ago, dooming the dinosaurs. It then claims dinosaurs had already began to go extinct - before the impact. This presumably was prompted by a paper last year which said exactly the opposite - that dinosaurs thrived right up to the impact. We are told a period of global cooling dated at 76 million years ago may have prompted the decline.

4 Jul 2021

Allabogdanite is associated with meteors - see ... allabogdanite has been found in the Dead Sea region. This is an interesting observation as I immediately made a connection with the proposed Sodom meteor towards the end of the MB era. Previously, it was found in the Negev - in surface rocks. These are probably rocks that go back much farther than the Sodom meteor or even Mount Horeb of the Mose story, yet it is an interesting coincidence.

3 Jul 2021
Neanderthal Disappearance

At .... Oxbow talks to Dr April Nowell, author of 'Growing Up in the Ice Age' on the subject of the extinction of the Neanderthals. She is described as Palaeolithic archaeologist - specialising in the study of stone age societies and people. She is faced by a question - what happened to the Neanderthals 40,000 years ago? She begins by pointing out the physical and behavioural similarities between Neanderthals and modern humans, which makes their disappearance all the more puzzling.

3 Jul 2021

This story can be seen at ... it seems a group of researchers think they may have identified a geological secret - a sunken continent hidden under Iceland and the surrounding ocean bed. Shades of Atlantis. How can this be as Plate Tectonics tells us that the Atlantic is spreading - from the Mid Ocean Ridge. Iceland sits atop that geological feature - hence the epic volcanism. The Atlantic, in mainstream consensus thinking, is expanding either side of the Mid Ocean Ridge.

27 Jun 2021
Dragon Man

At ... a near perfect fossilised human skull was found in the 1930s in Harbin City in the Heilongjong province of China. It belongs to Homo long - the dragon man. Three papers published this June concern the fossil cranium. Why now? It had almost square eye sockets, thick brow ridges, a wide mouth, and very large teeth - all the better for chomping on unprocessed food. It is typically similar to other archaic humans so not really a surprise.

27 Jun 2021
Comet Strikes

At .... is another one in the long line of Younger Dryas to and fro. We are told a cluster of comet fragments nearly 13,000 years ago may have shaped the origins of human civilisation. It seems to coincide with how human societies went on to organise themselves - the boundary between hunter-gatherers and the Neolithic. The origins of the Neolithic are lost - but the process occurred in more than one place.

25 Jun 2021
Giant Arc

This one came up at Tall Blokes talk shop - see ... a giant arc of galaxies stretching 3.3 billion light years across the universe, should not exist, we are told. It seems it does. It is also rotating - see ... and ... a newly discovered crescent of galaxies in one of the largest structures in the universe, as seen as yet.