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6 May 2020

At ... you could have fooled me but we are told here that scientists have long opposed the idea that dinosaurs lived in aquatic habitats. Now, researchers have actually found unambiguous evidence that spinosauros was an aquatic hunter and lived on a diet of fish. It used its tail for propulsion - to locomotively swim in a massive river system. Dinosaurs, previously, have been said to inhabit swamps and marshland but this one is a swimming dinosaur.

6 May 2020
Sea Floor Venting

Robert sent in this one and it is a cracker - go to ... window to another world beneath the waves, bubbling up on the seafloor with petroleum from deep below. A hydrocarbon seep in the Gulf of Mexico emits a viscuous petroleum - much like asphalt. This sounds somewhat familiar - the tar traps in California spring to mind (but these are above sea level). Most life forms that inhabit such seeps, for exampel mussels and crabs, depend on micro-organisms that oxidise the petroleum compounds.

4 May 2020
14,650 years ago

At arch warmer site .... tells us sea levels have jumped surprisingly quickly and steeply in the past. It is funny how problems for the consumption of the general public are glossed over, or ignored - and then someone lets the cat out of the bag. I have often wondered how a now recognised smaller northern hemisphere ice sheet equates with a jump in sea level rise at the end of the Late Glacial Maximum (LGM). Apparently, it doesn't.

4 May 2020
Up in the Sky

At (30th April 2020) we have an image of Comet Swan with a very long tail trailing behind. It will make its closest approach to earth on May 12th which should be eyeball visible.

At ... research seems to suggest the moon could well be tectonically active.

4 May 2020
Why people didn't get the plague

Actually, the title is wrong. Why people do not seem to have suffered the same dramatic effects of the Black Death in earlier incidents of bubonic plague. One can see that with the current corona virus outbreak that new forms of virus can occur that are more devastating the  earlier one. Does this mean bubonic plague is a virus comparable to covid 19? Who knows. We require more data. At ...

30 Apr 2020

At .... the story of Mulan, who disguises herself as a man to fight for the Chinese emperor, may have been inspired by real life woman warriors. These were the Xlanbei, an ancient semi nomadic people from Mongolia and NE China. Now, actual physical evidence of them may have been uncovered. Three skeletons of Xlanbei women have marks on their bones that suggested they not only routinely rode horses but used the bow as a weapon.

28 Apr 2020
Big Rock

On its way on Wednesday, a big rock passing by - see April 28th 2020 ...

28 Apr 2020
milk and cheese and all things creamy

At ... study traces the spread of early dairy farming across western Europe. This is down to the new technique of chemically analysing food residue on pottery - in this instance fragments of pottery from the Early Neolithic period. The study in Nature Communications ( ) has concentrated on traces of dairy products found on 80 per cent of the pottery fragments looked at, lots of which came from the Atlantic coast of Britain and Ireland.

28 Apr 2020
Downright Weird

This is one of those quotes that might haunt the interviewee. At ... in this study we are told new findings suggest the laws of nature are behaving in a 'downright weird' way. This is because they are not as constant as previously believed - which means this is yet another piece on the discovery that the universal constant seems to be annoyingly inconstant (see earlier posts on the same subject). This appears to be particularly true of the outer fringes of the cosmos. It is also directional.

28 Apr 2020

This post was prompted by a question from a member of SIS - what is the progress and current thinking on the Meghalayan? Well, they are still discussing it I suppose, with no agreement as yet. I suspect many geologists are quite happy with the designation of the Holocene without carving it up into smaller segments. The idea of the Meghalayan Age first raised its public face at the IUGS conference of July 2018 (the International Union of Geological Sciences). It caused a bit of a stir at the time but this has since subsided.