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15 Apr 2020
Black Hole Conundrum

Stolen from the Tall Bloke - the headline that is. Nice video - see ... a video ofa supermassive black hole spewing a brilliant jet of particles (derived from ...). The blog author rightly asks - how does visible material escape from somewhere that nothing is supposed to escape from?

15 Apr 2020

The corona virus episode has exposed an inconvenient fact - see ... the inconvenient truth is that green activists have overhyped levels of pollution created by diesel cars, leading to politicos falling over themselves to be virtuous and bringing in new laws and taxes. The over hype worked of course, as it ever does. Politicos want to please - but its always the same minority they please. All a bit sad.

15 Apr 2020
Interstellar Object

At ... on an article published in Nature Astronomy (April 2020) ... what was the origin of the interstellar object Oumoumua? Where did it come from? It was long and slendour and sailed through the solar system. Unike comets this object was dry - and unlike comets was near invisible. It is now thought there are many interstellar objects that pass through our piece of space - mostly going unnoticed.

15 Apr 2020
Chandra Wickramasinghe

At ... an interview conducted by Dr Predrag Slijipcevic of Brunel University in Hillingdon in west London. Chandra Wickramasinghe, on the other hand, hails from Sri Lanka and was educated at the Royal College in Colombo and the University in Ceylon. He later attended Cmbridge University and his tutor was none other than Fred Hoyle. He went on to co-author a number of books with Hoyle and a mountain of scientific papers. In all he has published 350 papers - many of them published in Nature.

15 Apr 2020
Here comes the SWAN

Comet Atlas has no sooner disintegrated that another bright comet has been tracked on its way towards the sun - Comet Swan. See 14th April 2020 ... it is bright with a long tail ...

14 Apr 2020
Here it goes

Comet Atlas has fragmented ... now evidently true ( April 14th ) ....

   ... around the world amateur astronomers are witnessing the falling apart.

13 Apr 2020
Canaanite Temple at Lachish

At ... a Canaanite temple destroyed at the end of the Late Bronze age has been unearthed at Lachish. The media pieces goes on to compare it with the conquest of Joshua - a view that is well out of date. The old idea that a conquest occurred at the end of the LB period is repudiated by Merenptah's mention of Israel somewhat earlier - and clearly they had been around for some time. It is also assumed to be a temple of Baal the weather god.

13 Apr 2020
Backwards Facing Armageddon

William sent in this link - ... Armageddon is in the Revelation of John, the last book of the Bible. It is a play on the name of the city of Megiddo - which was destroyed on a number of occasions, mainly because it is near an active fault system and earthquakes have been fairly common in the historical past. In the Bible it is the apocalyptic site of a great battle but in this piece it is way back when, way back further than 10,000 years ago - way back to the Younger Dryas boundary event.

12 Apr 2020
Migration then and then

At ... the movement of humans into the Indian subcontinent looks at the routes they might have taken - by coastal hugging or coming from the NW or the NE. Interestingly, India would have had a substantial population during the Late Glacial Maximum as it was a long way from the poles.

From the Tata Institutue of Fundamental Research. Prehistoric journeys are the theme and the apparent evidence they have survived into regional tribal groupings in the modern world.

11 Apr 2020
Plasma Sun

At ... researchers at the University of central Lancashire unveil the highest ever resolution images of the Sun - and provide a clue on what it shows. Its outer layer is filled with incredibly fine magnetic threads which are themselves filled with extremely hot million degrees plasma. The ultra sharp images were  taken by NASAs High Resolution Coronal Imager. It can pick out structures in the Sun's atmosphere as small as 70km in size - or 0.01% of the Sun's surface.