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28 Mar 2020
The DART mission

At ... we have a report on NASAs DART mission which is designed to intercept a possible asteroid strike on Earth at an ill defined point of time in the future. Although it is a back seat mission a trial is due to begin in 2021 in order to test the NASA Evolutionary Exenon Thruster ion engine. A small asteroid has been chose as the target - 6.3 million miles away.

24 Mar 2020
Comet Atlas Getting Bigger

At (24th March 2020) ... the size of comet Atlas - nobody knows how big the icy core of the comet is but its atmosphere is huge. New images from amateur astronomers around the world show that Atlas's gaseous envelope has ballooned in diameter to 720,000 km (about half as wide as the Sun).


24 Mar 2020
Coprolites in Tar Pits

A research study found fossilised rodent matter in the La Brea Tar Pits in California. In fact, hundreds of fossilised pellets which were C14 dated to at least 50,000 years ago. In other words, to the extremities of the dating methodology - which could mean they were older or that they date shortly before the terminus of the methodology (40,000 years ago in old money). The coprolites (the term for fossilised excrement) will be analysed to find out what the rodents were eating which in turn may give a clue to the climate at the time.

21 Mar 2020
Fine Tuning Radiocarbon Dates

An article in Science Advances (March 18th 2020) is interesting - see .. and ... which promises much but delivers little. Radiocarbon dating was invented in the late 1940s and after improvements over the years it remains the standard method for dating artifacts in archaeology and other disciplines.

20 Mar 2020
Bone Circle

This seems to have been published in the journal Antiquity but various media outlets have spread the news. For example ... and ... circles made of the remains of mammoths are fairly common in the Ukaraine and the western Russian plain. Some 70 are known about. The latest one has been dated 20,000 years ago (the height of the Late Glacial Maximum). The bones are said to have an origin in animal graveyards - but little information of these graveyards is supplied.

19 Mar 2020
Lightning in a stone circle

Robert sent in  this link - see image below ...

18 Mar 2020
Key Symbol

A key symbol in Electric Universe and Plasma studies has popped up again ...

18 Mar 2020
Japanese Earthquake

At .... reference to the earthquake and tsunani that struck Japan back in 2011. It was the 4th most powerful sisnce modern record keeping began, generating tsunami waves that reached as high as 125 feet in height. It was responsible for a large loss of life - 20,000 souls. The earthquake is thought to have occurred in a subduction zone (btween two plates). Hundreds of square feet of sea floor luched horizontally by 160 feet it is calculated. Thrusting upwards by 33 feet.

17 Mar 2020
Comet Atlas

At (16th March 2020) ... Comet Atlas is brightening - see image below. It is currently as bright as an 8th or 9th magnitude star (still too dim to with the naked eye but with a telescope pointed in the direction of Ursa Major you might be able to pick it up). However, the comet is hundreds of times brighter than astronomers predicted a few months ago - and it is still beyond the orbit of Mars (and a long way from the Sun, which is quiet in any case).

16 Mar 2020
Assyria and All That

At ... which is to do with the imperial nature of the Assyrian state. The author actually compares the Assyrian empire to the British empire - in so far as different countries and regions experienced different ways of governance (to blend in with local beliefs and traditions). The post is really a sort of a review of a book, 'The Imperialisation of Assyria: an archaeological approach', Cambridge University Press:2020, by Bledo During. What was the secret of their success, she asks.