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14 Jun 2020
The Planet's Core

At ... scientists detect unusually hot and dense structure near the planet's core - via seismic echoing ...

 .... they are referring to the boundary between the molten core and the Mantle layer above it. Areas of unusually dense rock have been found .....

At ... an international research team reveals a 157 day cycle in unusual cosmic radio bursts.

14 Jun 2020
A Crocodile that Walked like a Dinosaur

William also sent in a link to this sotry. See for example ... a species of ancient crocodiles walked on their two hind legs like a dinosaur yet measured 3m in length. The set of one hundred animal tracks came from what is now South Korea.

14 Jun 2020
Tall el-Hammam is Sodom

An article by Daniel H King at ... explains why he, as a PhD in Biblical Studies, has become convinced that Tall el-Hammam is the Biblical city of Sodom. Well worth a browse although it is worth keeping in mind that the attachment to sodomy may be something added to the story of the destruction long after its demise. It was abandoned for 700 years as people considered it was cursed. This is probably the biggest city so far discovered that was obliterated by a cosmic blast.

5 Jun 2020

At ... Here we have it - from the horses mouth (or so it would seem looking at the headline). Neanderthals and Denisovans and Humans (Late Palaeolithic onwards) are closer, genetically, than polar bears are to brown bears. This is a bizarre claim, one might think, as polar bears are known to have evolved from brown bears after adapting to the Arctic.

5 Jun 2020
Mayan LiDAR find

William sent in the link ... but the story is also available elsewhere - such as ... LiDAR technology, from an aeroplane, has discovered a number of ancient meso-american structures, otherwise unknown. This one was found on the border between Mexico and Guatemala and is thought to date from between 1000 and 800BC. The ceremonial building at the site is larger than any other in the entire Mayan history ....

3 Jun 2020
Spinning Universe

At ... an analysis of spiral galaxies has revealed unexpected links between spin structures and galaxies and the structure formed by them. It may suggest the early universe would have been spinning - and has continued to spin. Does the universe have an axis?

At ... the halo that surrounds the Milky Way appears to be a lot hotter that previously thought. It may also not be unique.

3 Jun 2020
Isle of Wight Pterodactyl

At ... Britain's first pterodactyl fossil, a jawbone in fact, was found by a fossil hunter on the Isle of Wight (near Sandown). It is closely related to a Chinese toejarid (a toothles pterodactyl with a brightly coloured crest). The Isle of Wight has emerged as something of a fossil graveyard for Cretaceous dinosaurs and their ilk. Lots of them have been found.

Over in Nevada we have a 246 million year old pregnant ichthyosaur - fossilised in situ ...

3 Jun 2020
Panspermia and Covid

Cosmic Tusk have been pushing the idea Covid 19 arrived from space - in an exploding meteor. See for example ... funnily enough the article seems to have hit a raw nerve as the powers that be have seen  fit to withdraw the article (after having a short life on the internet). Cosmos magazine has some really good articles but like all things mainstream has a predilection to follow the lines set out to them by the swamp.

2 Jun 2020
Green Ghosts

At (June 1st 2020) we have a short video captured over New Mexico and Texas - a magnificent jelly fish sprite followed by a green after glow ...

1 Jun 2020
More on migration and genetics

At ... the early farmers that moved through the Balkans into eastern and central Europe did not mix with the local hunter gatherers it is thought. This could be as a result of rapid migration over long distances, moving  through the Danube valley into the northern European plain, However, in western Europe, when they  came up against a big obstacle, the sea, things seem to have changed.