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24 Sep 2021
An Exercise in Smoke and Mirrors

The Week That Was, the weekly newsletter of ... has a piece by Ken Haapala, president of SEPP, that some may find rather revealing - or perplexing. There are deficiencies in the 6th Assessment Report [2021] issued by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [the IPCC], particularly in its Summary for Policymakers [written up for politicians and their cohorts]. It includes a new version of the hockey stick with minimal evidence supporting it. Steve McIntyre very quickly tore gaping holes in it.

24 Sep 2021
White Sands New Mexico

William sent in the link to this story - ... according to a report published in the journal Science [23rd September 2021] footprints found in New Mexico are the oldest evidence of humans in the Americas - dating back to 23,000 years ago. This is not only deep into the Late Glacial Maximum but it means humans were living in North America during the last Ice Age. They were found in a dry lake bed in White Sands National Park, back in 2009, and brought to the attention of the wider world.

24 Sep 2021
TeHEP update

In the TeHEP newsletter of 24th September 2021 [go to to sign up for the newletter] we learn from Stee Collins, the lead archaeologist on the project, that the article in Nature Scientific Reports [see yesterday News] on the Hammam airburst event, has not gone down too well in some quarters. The objection appears to revolve around the fact it is Biblical archaeology - and the discovery of the site of Sodom is definitely not welcome. Not wishing to name names but the biggest offender appears to be a very famous specialist in impact physics.

23 Sep 2021
Volcanoes Did Not ...

Robert sent in a link to an article that claims volcanoes did not cause the extinction of the dinosaurs - a counter view to the 'asteroids what did it' meme. Asteroid strikes are still disliked by uniformitarians. Robert's link is ... with the comment, oh yes they did, oh no they didn't. An argument that goes back and forth, to and fro.

22 Sep 2021
Manufacturing Aurorae

A post at Tall Bloke's talk shop - .. which is derived from ... earth can manufacture its own auroras, we are told, without any input from the solar wind. Admittedly, they are somewhat dim, like a pea soup without the ham, but an aurora of sorts none the less. They represent a bit of energy input into the upper atmosphere - at night.

22 Sep 2021
Peer Reviewed article on Tall el-Hammam excavations published

The Trinity South West excavations at Tall el-Hammam in Jordan has been published at last - in the journal Nature Scientific Reports. It is a bumper article so it might be best to save it to your computer to read rather than print it out for scrutiny in your armchair. An awful lot of work went into its production. For a short description see for example ... the destruction layer is dated at 1650BC, obliterating the city presented by the tell at Tall el-Hammam, on the Kikkar just north of the Dead Sea.

14 Sep 2021
Barents Sea Crater

At ... a crater at the bottom of the Barents Sea is 40 km in width. It is located between Svalbard and northern Norway and was churned out by a 1.6 km diameter meteor, it has been estimated. It took place around 142 million years ago on the geological column. A giant wave engulfed Norway and Greenland. The actual extent of the North Atlantic at this time is not mentioned but Greenland would have been a good deal closer than it is now.

14 Sep 2021
Ice Free Arctic Oasis

At ... researchers from Norway and the UK have been looking at polynyas - ice free openings between land ice and sea ice. These allowed life to flourish even at the ice sheet edge. They seem to have existed during the Late Glacial Maximum - when ice covered much of Scandinavia, 3 km thick in parts of Norway.

14 Sep 2021
Alaskan Prime Pastures

At ... scientists have been forced to accept that during the Late Glacial Maximum summers were several degrees warmer than in the modern world. These were endemic to Siberia and Alaska - north of the Arctic Circle. The old view that during the extent of the last Ice Age, or at least from 60,000 years ago onwards, to the beginning of the Holocene, a huge ice sheet covered the northern hemisphere from one end to the other, has been abandoned.

14 Sep 2021
Interior Seaway

At ... the author, a geologist, comments on an article in Hakai magazine [which you can get to online]. It revolves around a paleontological site in what is now Alabama, some 250 km inland from the Gulf of Mexico. It was of course submerged in the so called period of the Interior Seaway, cutting a swathe across the middle of North America in the Cretaceous period. Gullies of white chalk are said to represent the remnants of the bed of an ancient sea - the remains of an algae bloom.