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27 Dec 2021
Jesus in the News

It's Christmas and Jesus themed stories usually accrue at this time of year. Very often involving the identification of the star that guided the 3 wise men. This year it is a bit different. It is the implications of an archaeological discovery - see ... and it involves British archaeologist Ken Dark. He is better known  for his books on the environment and the landscape of Roman Britain. He must be getting a bit long in the tooth but his new book has picked up on some recent research at Nazareth in the Holy Land.

27 Dec 2021
Explosive Galaxy

At ... the Hubble space telescope, had a side view of NGC3568, a spiral galaxy. It recorded what is attributed by NASA and ESA as a supernova explosion. This is thought to mark the end of a massive star.

27 Dec 2021
Millipedes as Big as Cars

Robert sent in some interesting links, such as ... millipedes as big as cars roamed northern England. The link has an image which shows a sandstone boulder with a fossilised section of a giant millipede within it - caught up in sand during a catastrophic event [or the discarded casing of a millipede that was later fossilised, as in the interpretation given]. He dates the millipede to the Carboniferous period, famous for its coal measures, around 326 million years ago on the geological column.

27 Dec 2021
Baby Yingliang

Sent in  by gary - which continues the theme of dinosaurs ... ... a Chinese fossil of a dinosaur egg - and inside, a dinosaur embryo near the point of hatching out. The embryo is said to resemble that of modern birds, curled up in the egg. It also resembles birds in that it was feathered. It is described as 'exquisitely' preserved. Baby Yingliang was found in a construction site of an industrial complex in Jiangxi Province.

22 Dec 2021
Speaking of the Devil

Thunderbolts posted their piece a couple of days ago - see yesterday's post on astronomy,, and here we are on Wednesday with a brilliant view of Comet Leonard with a sensational tail - knots and swirls of debris flowing the comets tail. A small telescope reveals a very complex and dynamic tail who photographed the comet from the Atacama Desert in Chile. Long exposure is uselss says another photographer of the comet - the comet's tail is moving so rapidly. The shapes are sensational. The image below was taken from a farm in Namibia.

21 Dec 2021

At ... lake sediments from the Faeroes have drawn some interesting information. Humans were living on the islands as early as AD500 - some 350 years prior to the arrival of Vikings. The latter have always been regarded as the original settlers. Were the original people Celts - Scots or Irish. Were they early Christian monks looking for a desolate spot to pray and found a monastery, or hermitage?

21 Dec 2021
Black Hole Twins and Quartets

At ... astronomers have found four enormous cavities, or bubbles, at the centre of a galaxy cluster, using NASA s Chandra X-ray Observatory. It is speculated this may have been caused by eruptions from two supermassive black holes - closely orbiting each other.

You may wonder why black holes are a favourite topic on this site. The big question though is - are astronomers misinterpreting what they see in their telescopes? Are their models as whacky as the Covid 19 models?

14 Dec 2021
Einstein Theory

At ... an international team of scientists has been looking at extreme stars known as pulsars, through seven radio telescopes around the world. They set out to challenge Einstein's theory of general relativity. It is thought the theory breaks down at some points as it is incompatible with quantum mechanics - and the physics at the atomic level. Physicists are actively trying to test general relativity in order to open the door to a new unified theory. So far, the door has eluded them.

14 Dec 2021
The Mystery of Sand

Gary sent in this link .... William actually sent the link to Gary who forwarded it on to SIS. The mainstream theory is that weathering creates sand. Rocks break apart from frost and heat and continue to break down piece by piece until they are the size of sand granules. Wind and water play a role in this process. There is, or there should be, an unlimited supply of sand on earth. The gradualist models virtually guarantee it. Facts, however, are sometimes stranger than fiction.

11 Dec 2021
Roman Crucifixion

At ... leather scale armour found in the tomb of a horse rider in NW China has been compared with similar armour from the Neo Assyrian period between the 6th and 8th centuries BC. It is assumed the technology spread was from Assyria northwards, arriving on the steppe zone very quickly, prior to being transferred east to China. However, it is just as likely the innovation of using leather as armour occurred first on the steppe, during internecine warfare between horse riding groups, rather than in Assyria.