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11 Dec 2021
Mammoths and Horses 3000BC

Gary sent in the link to ... DNA evidence of mammoths and horses in the Yukon - just 5000 years ago. In other words, they did not go extinct as a result of the Palaeolithic hunters brandishing speaks and arrows. Both mammoth and horse occurred in the Yukon until 3000BC, or thereabouts. At the time there was a very cold glitch in climate known as the Piorra Oscillation - which persisted for a couple of centuries.

11 Dec 2021
Planet in orbit around two stars

William also sent in a link to ... and you can read the same story at ... and ... which is all a bit over the top as the planet is not really orbiting two suns, as in two solar systems, but orbiting very high in a two star system. It is orbiting at 100 times the distance of Jupiter from our sun and is reputed to be ten times the size of Jupiter.

9 Dec 2021
Forbrush Decrease

At [3rd December 2021] ... a sudden drop in atmospheric radiation was caused by a 'cannibal CME' that brushed earth's atmosphere. It sparked auroras seen as far south as California. However, due to the angle of the CME, radiation in the stratosphere plummeted. This is called a 'forbrush decrease' and happens when a CME sweeps past the earth and pushes galactic cosmic rays away from our planet. Radiation from deep space is temporarily suspended.

9 Dec 2021
Sunlight Eating Algae

Biology is a funny thing, especially when you mix it in with hypothetical computer induced cycles. See ....If you are a computer geek and like creating simulations, you can produce cycles at random. We are told that every 405,000 years, known as an epic cycle, our planet's orbit stretches out and becomes 5 percent elliptical, before returning to a more circular path.

3 Dec 2021
Sun Water

At ... an interesting new study - the Sun might be an unaccounted source of water on earth. See ... a University of Glasgow led international team found the solar wind created water on the grains carried on asteroids that smashed into the earth during the early period of the solar system. The source of water on earth is an ongoing research project. This, the latest theory, claims there are 20L in every square metre of rock with an origin in asteroids.

3 Dec 2021
The Biggest One Ever

At ... the largest comet ever observed seems to have been active a long way out from the Sun. Largest ever is restricted to modern observations, of course, and doesn't mean that historically, there may have been comets as large, or larger, visiting the inner solar system. Comet Bernardelli-Bernstein [hereafter Comet BB] is estimated to be one thousand times bigger than the average run of the mill comet.

3 Dec 2021
What is that mammoth tusk doing there

Sent in by Willia. What is that ancient mammoth tusk doing at the bottom of the ocean? See ... what is an ancient mammoth tusk doing 150 miles offshore at a depth of 10,000 feet? See also ... and ...but how did it get there. It is due to currents we are told, moving water and apparently, a massive tusk, in the process.

3 Dec 2021
Moon and Asteroids

At ... the moon, we are told, has no core dynamo or magnetic field. However, spacecraft have detected numerous strong localised magnetic fields in the crust of the moon. This is a mystery to mainstream and therefore demands an explanation. Hence, the research. These local fields, we are told, are antipodal to large impact basins - or what are thought to be impact basins. Are they simply finding a solution in order to solve a mystery? However, the research is interesting, to say the least.

3 Dec 2021
Plasma Winds

Robert sent in the link to ... with the comment, a plasma wind = am electric current. The authors postulate a bottom up approach, he continues. Small tides generated near the surface can grow much larger when they reach the atmosphere. He suggests the reverse, a top down approach. There may of course be a bit of both. He says the winds are generated from external sources, which is not  surprising as they are active in the ionosphere.

3 Dec 2021
Golden Oldie

This comes courtesy of George Howard at ... this is essentially a report from 2012 - but interesting never the less. Both the coasts of Carlina and Cornwall were inundated by a tsunami wave around 1000AD. According to Mike Baillie the anomaly is dated by tree rings to 1014AD, the same year in which the Viking stronghold at what is now Dublin, was overrun by a native Irish coalition.