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15 Jul 2020
Auntie Antics

Here we have a graphic illustration of how the BBC does climate science. We've endured their political shenanigans over Covid 19 and the pure theatre of their opposition to Brexit but surely their incessant bigging up of climate doomsterism is the ultimate in self indulgence. The full weight of BBC propaganda is all too obvious but this story takes the biscuit. A dunking biscuit. It seems Willie Soon got a missive by an editor of an upcoming programme on BBC television - where the outcome has been decided before it starts.

15 Jul 2020
Lava Tubes

At ... why lava tubes should be a priority when visiting other planets. When magma comes out of the innards of the earth it flows as lava - liquid rock. The process has created some unusual land forms, such as lava tubes. These can be large affairs and several km in length. The Kazamura Cave on Hawaii is 46 miles long. Lava tubes seem to have formed on the moon - and on Mars. Several thousand cave entrances have been catalogued,  many of which may be lava tubes. NASA has been busy with a camera.

11 Jul 2020
Plate Tectonic Change

At ... plate tectonics research rewrites the history of earth's continents, we are told. Or is it a bit of jiggery pokery with the hypothesis - playing around at the edges instead of jumping in full throttle. Curtin University has found some evidence to suggest the earth's first continental assemblage was not formed by subduction as in a modern plate tectonics manner. It was created by a different process, is the claim, contradicting the generally accepted idea.

11 Jul 2020
Polynesian Voyaging

At ... lots of speculation on the part of Polynesian contact with the Americas has been the norm for a number of years. It seems that the science has finally caught up with common sense. It has been obvious, for example, that the Polynesian adoption of the sweet potato as a dietary staple must have come about as a result of contact with the Americas as that is where the sweet potato originated and where it was domesticated, in the foothills of the Andes.

11 Jul 2020
40.000 Years Ago, or thereabouts

Now for the big scruncher. A bit of old hat perhaps but it paints a catastrophic picture in the period when the Neanderthals disappeared. See for example ... the Neanderthals died out nearer 39,000 years ago even though some fossil bones have been dated as young as 29,000 years ago. This new finding revolves around a refined method of C14 carbon dating and implies that Neanderthals and Modern humans never interacted with each other in Europe.

10 Jul 2020
Big Snowball

Comet Neo wise, it h as been found, is some 5 km across. No wonder it is naked eye visible. It has also survived its journey around the Sun and is sporting two tails. Rather, one tail and one coma. Go to (9th and 10th July 2020) ...


8 Jul 2020
Are they waking up

Seems like mainstream might be waking up to electro-magnetism in space. Gary sent in a link to ... which concerns magnetic fields in space. Magnetism permeates entire galaxy clusters it would seem, including the space between galaxies. Invisible field lines sweep through inter galactic space like the grooves of fingerprints on your hands. Last year astronomers had a close look at a region of space that had sparse sign of stars or other cosmic bodies.

7 Jul 2020
Moon's Riches

Sent in by Gary - see ... it seems the moon's crust is richer in metals than the crust of the earth. That is an enigma as the moon is thought to have formed after a large cosmic body impacted with the earth and in the process, lots of crustal material, was ejected. What do the new findings mean? It seems it casts doubt on the current consensus theory on the origin of the moon, one would have thought. Then again, perhaps not ...

2 Jul 2020
Amazing Grace

Aamzing grace saves a wretch. I have seen the light and changed my mind. See for example ... which is about someone changing their mind. Not just somebody but an environmentalist, Jim Steele. He has been a sceptic for a while. Recently, he had a heart attack and this is his response.

2 Jul 2020
Sunken Tools

At ... two underwater sites containing Aboriginal artefacts such as stone tools have been discovered on the bottom of the Australian continental shelf system, in what is now the Torres Straits. Australia was 30 per cent larger to what it is now back in the Late Pleistocene. It was still much larger right up to 8000 years ago when sea levels in the region shot up. The two sites have yielded hundreds of stone tools as well as a freshwater spring - now submerged.