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1 Mar 2021
White Stuff

No, not the white snow that alarmists claim we should not  be seeing as it should have come to an end. That is global warming stuff out of the sky. No, white chalk. Gary sent in a link to ... which seems to show somebody at the Guardian has swallowed a geology book on southern England. Problem is, he has missed out all the good bits. The oddities. Why is it so pristine white for example. Where has the rest of it gone and why only a bit has survived.

1 Mar 2021
Missing Regular Matter

William sent in a link to ... not dark matter which continues to elude detection but regular baryonic matter. We are told scientists are baffled as to where it all has gone. Did anyone know it was missing? It seems some astronomers think they have found some of the regular baryonic matter - in the  form of snow clouds [of hydrogen]. They found it in the Milky Way and the findings were published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

1 Mar 2021
Magnetic Fields Outflow

At ... outflow from magnetic fields, on extragalactic jets, can form a variety of shapes. Electron density maps of plasma outflow can form a misaligned magnetic field - but not a large misalignment. In other words, the flow of electrons from magnetic plasma, on a galactic scale, is confirmed.

28 Feb 2021
The Watchers

According to the National Seismological Centre at the University of Chile more than 30,000 earthquakes have been registered in the Bransfield Strait, a 60 mile wide channel between the South Shetland Islands and the West Antarctic Peninsular - between August and December of 2020. A swarm  of further earthquakes  broke out between December of 2020 and January of 2021. Why all this hyper tectonic activity?

28 Feb 2021
Carving a Canyon


26 Feb 2021
Asteroid Dust at Chicxulub

Robert sent in the link to this story at ... where we learn that dust from the asteroid impact at the K/T boundary was thrown into the sky where it blocked out light from the Sun and led to the extinction of three quarters of life on earth. Some of that dust did not rise high enough and quickly settled back down again, even collapsing back into the recently formed crater.

26 Feb 2021
Black Holes and Dark Matter

There is a sort of obsession with black holes by some astronomers and cosmologists. It may go back to their childhood and stories of dense black holes swallowing all kinds of things, from spaceships to gorgons. At ... well, black holes are traditionally dark places, but has it got anything to do with dark matter [which is also, apparently, very black and difficult to spot].

25 Feb 2021
Is It Coming Undone

Ice Age theory includes the idea  that sea levels drop as ice is locked up on land, a theory that has never really been tested with field data from the around the world. A new paper in the journal Nature openly admits that the Late Glacial Maximum far field sea levels and oxygen isotope proxy records do not fit. There is evidence in the North Atlantic, at this time, of a huge switch in sea levels - but did it have anything to do with the amount of water locked up as ice.

20 Feb 2021
The Laschamp Excursion

Gary sent in a link to ... but the story can be found elsewhere. Evidence has been found of the Laschamp excursion in Australia - and it confirms it was a complete reversal event [lasting several thousand years]. It occurred around 40,000 years ago which is well documented elsewhere, too.

20 Feb 2021
Life Beneath the Ice Sheet

William sent in this link to the story that the British Antarctic Survey team have made a bore hole through ice to the world below. It drilled through 900m of ice and found life 290 km away from the ocean, in complete darkness and very low temperatures. The drilling went down to solid rock - described as a huge boulder. Life was clinging to the rock, sponge like creatures. See also ... and