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27 May 2012
Joan Feynman

Joan Feynman is the sister of the better known Richard Feynman and she works at NASA JPL, the space research centre - see

26 May 2012
Adjustments to Data

It seems that CAGW propagands over rising sea levels might have a little secret tucked away. At ... Frank Lasner has revealed the original raw satellite data doesn't show a sea level rise in recent years, 1993-2001. On top of that the Envisat European satellite data also shows no rise from 2003-2011 - or, at least it did before adjustment. Joanne then says, we have 20 years of raw satellite data telling us that sea levels are not rising, or only at marginal amounts.

25 May 2012
Over the last 10,000 years it has been warmer than today 65 per cent of the time ...

That is, according to Dr Gernot Patzelt of the University of Innsbruck (see Glaciers in the Alps have grown and retreated on a number of occasions. Forests existed at elevations higher than they do today. A similar pattern emerges from glaciers in the Russian Altai.

25 May 2012
The arrival of modern humans in europe

At ... the Aurignacian culture people were living in SW Germany from as early as 43,000 years ago, it is now being argued. They are thought to be responsible for rock and cave art and various other innovations (but there is a certain amount of prejudice involved here and acceptance of paradigms others might not agree with).

25 May 2012
Parallel Universes

At ... Nikdem Poplawski claims every black hole may contain a new universe and he presents this idea as a solution to a number of cosmic mysteries. The mysteries, of course, are manufactured in the minds of cosmologists but Poplawski at least addresses the fundamentals, what caused the Big Bang? The idea our universe, or any universe, is contained within a black hole is one of those super intelligent ideas that sounds completely whacko.

25 May 2012
A Walk in the Ice Ages

At the small coastal village of Happisburgh in Norfolk recent erosion and cliff falls have caused large pieces of the face to fall away taking houses and outbuildings with it. An alarming amount of cliff has disappeared in a few years, obvious by the gas and water pipes that hang loosely outside the cliff face and the steps up to the top that are stranded on the beach yards away from the cliff face they once provided a means to climb. Coastal defence in this part of Norfolk has been abandoned - and people have lost their homes.

24 May 2012
YDB boundary bang is still alive and kicking

At SIS we are aware of the Ussello Horizon because of Han Kloosterman who has written and given talks that include mention of Ussello (in his native Netherlands) over many years.

24 May 2012
Carrington super-flare

At there is a forum debate on the 1859 Carrington super-flare that caused a magnetic storm with aurora visible all over the world, even in the Caribbean. We've all heard about the telegraph system that became overloaded, was shut down but telegraphs could still be sent as there was so much electricity in the atmosphere, but there were also storms in California of an unusual intensity and temperatures that rose to 133 degrees (fahrenheit).

24 May 2012
Dust levels in the Little Ice Age

At ... Tall Bloke's Talkshop continues to raise some very interesting issues, going to subjects other blogs do not venture, or avoid. In this post, Tim Channon looks at a paper in Quaternary Science Reviews at which was published in volume 30 issue 25-26, in 2011.

24 May 2012
Bethlehem ... and Dark Matter

An odd mixture for a single post but Israeli archaeologists have unearthed a clay bulla or seal with the name of Bethlehem which indicates the town existed as early as the 7th century BC ... and probably, earlier.  See