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17 May 2012
Volcano growing at an astounding rate

A sea mount north of New Zealand, on what is known as the Tonga-Kermadec subduction zone, underwent an amazing episode of rapid growth - in just five days (see It added 8.75 million cubic metres of rock to its summit in less than a week - a volume that sounds a lot but it then defined as 3500 Olympic size swimming pools. It was in effect a volcanic eruption beneath the sea and appears to indicate the sea mount grows or collapses in dramatic pulses - but caused it to happen?

16 May 2012
Earth's Magnetic Field

At there is a post on a chance alignment of planets during a passing gust of the solar wind that has allowed scientists to compare the protective effects of Earth's magnetic field with that of Mars, which as a negligible atmosphere. It was found that pressure from the solar wind led to loss of oxygen on Mars at a rate ten times higher than on Earth - which explains why the atmosphgere of Mars is depleted (as a result of continous bombardments from the solar wind),

16 May 2012
Palaeolithic Ponderings

At ... a study of ancient stratigraphy in the caves of Mas D'Azil in France has revealed a flood layer - associated with the Arize River. Sand and pebbles were deposited during the last glaciation - with evidence of human activity below and above the intrusive layer. Most of the pre-flood level is attributed to the Aurignacian culture people, around 35,000 years ago.

10 May 2012
Irish catastrophe

The Irish Examiner of May 9th, at ... is a report on a shell midden in Co Clare (mentioned a couple of weeks ago) which is in the process of being excavated. The shells were collected on the shore and brought to the site and cooked by Mesolithic hunters and gatherers at some point prior to the arrival of Neolithic farmers. A date preceding 6000 years ago is altogether likely but it depends on C14 dating of a black layer of organic material that seems to have covered the midden.

10 May 2012
The Winged Disk and the Solar Wind slamming into the magnetosphere of the Earth

Gary Gilligan has put together a little video of this phenomenon, the solar wind slamming into the magnetosphere of the Earth - go to and look at the comparison he makes between this feature of nature and depictions of the winged disk on Egyptian monuments.

10 May 2012
The Yamal tree rings - caught fiddling?

For an overview of this important breaking news go to Bishop Hill (Andrew Montford) as he has written a 10 page erudite article that is well worth printing out and keeping as a reference tool to remind yourself of the kind of manipulation the Team at the heart of CAGW are prepared to do for the sake of keeping what they believe in alive and kicking and at the same time, suppressing what has really been going on in the natural world at large - see

9 May 2012

Mention this place and one is immediately reminded of Eric Von Daniken, if one is old enough of course, and ideas of gods in spaceships, aliens on Meso-american carvings and inscriptions, and the like, visiting the Earth and impregnating 'backward' humanity etc and so on. Tiahuanaco has popped up at where we are told the C14 dates assigned to the city are somehow in error as they only indicate Tiahuanaco was active 3700 years ago.

9 May 2012
Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion was a feature of the talk by Anthony Haynes at the SIS Spring Meeting in Luton on May 5th. Thunderbolts are advertising the 'NPA 2012 John Chappell Lecture' which is to involved Dr Edward Storms on Cold Fusion - and the idea of cheap alternative energy. The title of the talk will be, 'What is Cold Fusion and Why Should you Care?' (see also and in addition, Thunderbolts has a post on the thermo-nuclear Sun theory at

9 May 2012
Younger Dryas boundary event again

Dennis Cox at 'A Catastrophe of Comets' - is all about the hypothetical Younger Dryas boundary event - in this instance, in Mexico and California. A core drilling is now underway in a lake in northern California that may shine light on the period, but the main research of the core into lake sediments is designed to find evidence and predict how flora and fauna coped in the past with major abrupt climate change.

9 May 2012
Round-Up of Holes in the Ground

At ... how Europe was repopulated is a bit of DNA analysis from the University of Huddersfield archaeo-genetics department and a paper they published in the American Journal of Human Genetics - but it might be a spot controversial. The findings claim there were refuges for humans during the Late Glacial Maximum, driven south and east by the ice. One of these is well known, Iberia and SW France, and another is in the Ukraine.