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20 Apr 2012
Comet demolition job?

At  is a bit of speculation after the observation of a young star, Fomalhaut, with at least one planet in orbit around it, that is said to be ringed by a vast cloud of dust and comets - as many as 83 trillion comets, it is calculated. They are all colliding with each other and kick up a vast dust cloud - or so it is alleged. What is really going on? Hard to tell but what astronomers have found is lots of dust in a young star system, dust that is usually blasted away.

19 Apr 2012
Who was Red Crag Man?

At, a piece from the latest Pleistocene Coalition News by Richard Dullum on a 'Forbidden Archaeology' item, the 900 page book that is a sieve of palaeoanthropology on the look-out for anomalies, somewhat akin to the William Corliss series of a couple of decades ago. The Red Crag portrait is an engraving on a fossil bivalve shell that is unmistakeably a human face. It even had a hole in the top of the shell designed for a cord to carry the shell around - and show off.

19 Apr 2012
Latest on the Younger Dryas boundary event

In Pleistocene Coalition News 4:2 April, 2012, George Howard has a piece on the Carolina Bays and the YDB event. The Bays consist of tens of thousands of shallow, symetrical, elliptical depressions. Some have become ponds and lakes but most are just boggy or have dried out and are common to the eastern seaboard zone of the US but also occur as far west as Nebraska and Kansas. He describes how he first encountered them - as a young researcher working for a local politician who was fascinated by them.

19 Apr 2012
Sun spots and Climate ... but what makes sun spots?

At is taken from Germany's Die Kalt Sonne website which has suddenly become widely read by the general public following the success of the book of the same name, The Cold Sun. i) A Danish team from the University of Aarhus have published a study on climate in the journal, The Holocene.

18 Apr 2012
Evidence for YD impact in Cornwall?

At is from a paper delivered at the iNQUA congress at Bern in June 2011 and concerns a geological layer from Bodmin Moor in Cornwall (Hawks Tor, peat sediments). The authors are William Marshall, Katie Head, Robert Clough and Andrew Fisher. It may be that other sites will now be explored for a similar anomaly as geologists notoriously find new things on each visit to quarries and cuttings - missed by others on earlier visits.

18 Apr 2012
The Graphics of Bilzingsleben

At is an interesting story that seems to be further evidence of science dogma in action, in which a consensus theory is applied to evidence and when such evidence does not fit the storyline it is hushed up, ignored, or criticised in a manner that is derogatory of the scientist concerned rather than the data itself. Feliks has obviously felt the pain and the sorrow.

15 Apr 2012
The Sun, the Moon, and weather

Piers Corbyn at is a commercial business but doesn't really give much away about his methodology. Richard Holle appears to follow a similar method of prediction and is open to all to evaluate - see - look at the blog/research section.

See further on same subject at and

14 Apr 2012
Some funny things about the Sun

Tall Bloke says at 10.40pm April 12th, 2012 .... solar physicists have a dreadful insecurity problem due to their problems with understanding the Sunb. The gate keepers over compensate for their lack of ability to make useful predictions by attacking all heretics with the energy that arises from their pent up frustration.

14 Apr 2012

At the WISE mission has been used to spot blazars shining in the sky. Blazars are energetic and are said to be supermassive black holes actively feeding or pulling matter in and devouring it - and these occur at the heart of giant galaxies. WISE has seen 200 of them and there are thought to be thousands more of them out there in deep space. However, the energy  released by blazars is seen in the form of jets travelling at nearly the speed of light.

14 Apr 2012
The solar system barycentre

Tall Bloke's Talkshop 'Some Toughts about the solar system barycentre' is a subject periodically aired on this web site and has attracted some interested commenters from other blogs and other worlds - see It begins by informing us that the barycentre is a taboo subject in many places, mainly because of excessive claims and obsessions, stirring up the jungle.