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14 Apr 2012
Did volcanic activity trigger the Little Ice Age?

This post can be found at is taken from the blog of Roger Pielke Sr and refers to a paper in the Geophysical Review Letters 39, L02708, doi:10.1029/2011 GL050168 by Miller et al. Miller and pals claim a half century of volcanism initiated a chill lasting half a millennium - is this possible?

12 Apr 2012
Potentially important portal dolmen found in Pembrokeshire

At ... archaeologists have discovered the remains of an Early Neolithic portal dolmen in a field in Pembrokeshire - together with a linear alignment of stones (a straight line in other words). In addition, and what is expected to be most revealing, the grave has human bone and sherds of decorated pottery. However, the pottery dates to the Late Neolithic, it is being suggested (after 3000BC) but the portal dolmen probably goes back nearly to 4000BC.

12 Apr 2012
Is it really that simple?

At ... can it be that ocean heat crossing the equator influences global warming? The source appears to be Bob Tisdale at monthly updates to Sea Surface Temperatures - see menu on RH side. Tisdale appears to be saying that Hansen's models are junk, his extrapolation of North Atlantic temperatures into the Arctic is mickey mouse science, and the NASA GISS global temperature data (under the guidance of Hansen and pals) is likewise, bunkum.

10 Apr 2012
Magnetic Reconnection

Talk of the Devil. In yesterday's post, magnetic reconnection was quoted from a press release by (see In the News 8th April, Venus Aurora) and today, the 9th April, at we have a forum discussion with the title, 'Magnetic Reconnection Plasma Physics 101' - where it claims magnetic reconnection theory is a misunderstood topic. Hannes Alfven, we are told, rejected the concept, but what does the mainstream mean when it uses the term, magnetic reconnection?

10 Apr 2012
Geology on the Moon

At ... a NASA spacecraft orbiting the Moon has relayed images of what looks like recent geological activity. It appear as if the crust of the Moon is being stretched to form small valleys, or faults. The nub is that scientists say it took place less than 50 million years ago - which is not exactly recently. The consensus view appears to be that the Moon is shrinking as it is thought it is still in the process of cooling down, at its heart. . The interior is said to be hot.

9 Apr 2012
Weather freaking ... the in vogue meme

The hot spell in central and eastern US in March was caused by warm air from the Caribbean blown northwards by a high pressure system blocking over North America. It was cold on the western seaboard, with a lot of wintry weather in the NW. In Australia the town of Townsville in Queensland was struck by a tornado. Residents described seeing 'green lightning' and hearing a roar 'as loud as a jet plane'. Over 20 inches of rain fell in a few days - on top of what has already been a very wet year (as a result of La Nina).

9 Apr 2012
Re-writing histories

The Times, (March 31st, 2012) in 'Shining a light on the origins of Islam' is a review of In the Shadow of the Sword, by Tom Holland (Little, Brown:2012) and is an attempt to lift the shroud of mystery surrounding the origins of Islam. Several books on this subject have appeared of late, and this one is less controversial than some of the others. It is assumed that Islam was the spark that caused Arab armies to plunder far and wide, creating an empire from North Africa to Iran and all points in between (Pakistan came somewhat later).

8 Apr 2012
Venus Aurora

Gary sent in this one - Surprise! Venus may have auroras - yet it is not supposed to have a magnetic field (see Apparently, it may explain the mysterious flashes of light from Venus and even more interesting, it may shed light on the way comet tails work.

8 Apr 2012
York Minster, St Paul's Cathedral, and other bits and pieces

At ... road construction has come across a burial going back 8000 years on Taiwan and believed to be of direct descent of the people that eventually became the Polynesians.

A geophysical survey on Skomer Island, a former Viking stronghold just off the coast of Pembrokeshire, has revealed the island was settled over thousands of years, from the Neolithic to Roman times - see

7 Apr 2012
Carolina Bays (and similar geological features)

At ... Michael Davias is placing a date around 40,000 years ago on the Carolina Bay formation. George Howard makes the point that no single explanation as yet accounts for all the observed characteristics of the Bays.