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18 Jun 2012
Is Time slowing down?

At June 16th there is a post on 'Dark Energy - does the mysterious anti-gravitational force really exist?' which is a weekend feature up for discussion (with comments). The article focus is on 'space time continuum' and the mathematical equation that time will literally run out - a sort of disappearing universe. The idea it may all one day vanish is described as radical - others might describe by other adjectives, but such speculative ideas arise from the assumption the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

16 Jun 2012
Some Eemian inconsistencies

At ... the last interglacial episode, known as the Eemian after a river in the Netherlands, differed in unusual ways from the present interglacial, the Holocene. A paper in Geophysical Review Letters reports on some research in the Arctic, dating back to the Eemian, that shows the Greenland ice sheet had melted in a good portion - and it is assumed global sea levels rose as a result.

16 Jun 2012
Clever Neanderthals ... until this is dusted down in flames

At is an argument that revolves around the viability of dating techniques and whether methodologies different to C14 are singing from the same hymn sheet. In that respect, a new paper might very well debunk this one very quickly. In the meantime we have a paper in Science that wonders if Neanderthals rather than modern humans were responsible for some of the cave art - in this instance, in Spain.

16 Jun 2012
Climate Change ... still a bother

At ... a paper in Science is now claiming humans had little effect on the Amazon rainforest before Columbus and the media have got it all out of proportion. This appears to up-end recent archaeology that has shown pretty conclusively large parts of the jungle environment were being farmed by people in the centuries prior to Europeans arriving on the scene. In the new study human encroachment is minimal, it is alleged, and most of the rainforest remained intact.

15 Jun 2012
Climate Swings

As the Met Office got it wrong again - twice as much rain fell as they predicted (a day or two prior to the flooding) our old friend Piers Corbyn at June News section is raucously claiming he had it right (and predicted it weeks ahead). The anti-AGW blaster is now saying the reason the Jet Stream is so far south is because the Earth is cooling - quite different from the Met Office line on the low lying Jet Stream.

14 Jun 2012
The Dark Ages in our Galaxy

At ... astronomers have uncovered a clue about how our galaxy emerged from the Dark Ages - by looking at nearby galaxies. During the Dark Ages hydrogen fog, it is theorised, condensed and stopped light emissions from stars and black holes. What was happening inside all that fog? Ionisation, it seems, drove out the foggy bits and continues to stop it from forming (published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society).

14 Jun 2012

At ... archaeologists have discovered the remains of a large prehistoric building that appears to be Neolithic in concept - if not in date. A secure C14 date has not been established as yet so the story is somewhat premature especially as the reporter seems to be totally out of his depth, making  a series of clangers that are really elementary.

14 Jun 2012
David Pratt

A post at harks back to David Pratt who outlined some of the problems he thought affected the theory of Plate Tectonics and sea-floor spreading, in Journal of Scientific Exploration 14:3 (2000). A list of 8 objections by Pratt are listed by Stephen Smith who adds, Plate Tectonics does not embrace the Electric Universe. He suggests massive geological changes have taken place within the time of humans - which is a bit of a stretch.

14 Jun 2012
Thera and the dating controversy

The New Chronology forum was having a debate on Thera last week - and tree rings, ice cores and C14 are mentioned in passing. It seems that it is not only Douglas Keenan that has cast doubt on C14 dates in the Ancient Near East as the olive tree buried in tephra at Thera has been the target of some negative criticism (for the olive tree see Bob Porter's talk at an SIS meeting a few years ago). Somebody called Bruins for example, and a Walter Friedrich. A C14 sample taken close by Thera may actually be unreliable by reason of out gassing of old carbon.

14 Jun 2012
YDB event ... it's still kicking up the dust

At there is a report on a story from Knight Science Journalism Tracker - big media has ignored a PNAS paper on a comet blast even thought the authors worked mainly on grants from the National Science Foundation. The latest paper at PNAS is large, unmissable and has 18 authors yet mainstream media is obsessed with unscientific environmentalist shindigs and political maneoverings at the upcoming Rio bean feast.