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22 Sep 2017
Easter Island Population

At ... Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, have been a mystery ever since Europeans first landed there in 1722. Early visitors estimated the p[opulation at around 1500 to 3000 souls. However, there are about 900 giant statues around the island ....

22 Sep 2017
Human Origins

An article in New Scientist (26th August 2017) by Colin Barras, p 22-33. said, 'the story of human origins is being re-written. The past 15 years have called into question every assumption about who we are and where we come from' - a sweeping statement. Until recently the consensus was that our great march Out of Africa began 60,000 years ago and that by 30,000 years ago every other contender for humanity had disappeared. Only modern humans remained - a species with a linear evolutionary history stretching back 6 million years.

22 Sep 2017

At ... archaeologists digging on Chapelle Dom Hue off the coast of Guernsey found a grave - of a porpoise. The island was used by monks and archaeologists were looking for evidence of a monastery and its inhabitants in the medieval period (including the burial of devotees). The porpoise was buried in a grave amongst the graves of deceased monks - the question is why?

22 Sep 2017
More Puzzles

At ... some sixty ancient ship wrecks have been discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea - including galleys from the Roman empire period, Byzantine and Ottoman empires too. They were found by robotic submarines along the Bulgarian coastline - preserved intact by anoxic conditions (which is why robotic craft were used in the first instance as the deep water is lethal to humans). Many of the boats have features only known from drawings or written descriptions but never seen until now.

23 Sep 2017
Fun and Games

A paper in Nature Geoscience has sparked fun and games in the climate science fraternity. Various tabloid newspapers have enjoyed using it to show climate models really have a warming bias which has upset the authors it would seem - but that is what they said in the paper. Its wiggle time it seems and Ben Webster in The Times (Sept 19th 2017) nicely sums some of the issues. He says, 'We were wrong, climate scientists concede'. The world has warmed more slowly than computer models allowed - which are on the hot side.

23 Sep 2017
Electric Jupiter

Don Scott on Electric Jupiter - see the video at ... you can also get a global rebroadcast of EU 2016 and EU207 conferences at $29 apiece.

24 Sep 2017
Siding Spring Dynamics

Sent in by William. At ... going back to 2014, when Comet Siding Spring passed within 140,000 miles from Mars, one third of the distance between Earth and the Moon, we learn another factor was at play. The comet deposited a large amount of debris on the Martian surface as spacecraft in the Mars vicinity witnessed the largest meteor shower in recorded history. This sounds like classic Velikovsky - as in Worlds in Collision and a close approach of a comet.

24 Sep 2017

Wallacea, between the SE Asia and Australia plates, consists of a number of mainly small islands, such as Sumba, Flores, Komodo, and Gili Matoy etc. Komodo is famous for the Komodo Dragon (a large lizard), for example, and Flores for the discovery of the small archaic human known as the Hobbit (in populist terms). See ... Wallacea likely holds evidence of a wide range of unknown extinct creatures as it has barely been explored for its fossils. Possibly other human relatives too.

24 Sep 2017
Electric Earthquakes

At ... this article is a couple of years old but interesting in respect of the recent Mexico earthquakes as we are in solar minimum. The author claims fluctuations in cosmic solar radiations are changing the ionosphere and that result in anomalies of a geomagnetic nature that cause the generation of eddy currents (see ).

24 Sep 2017
African DNA

At ... DNA from sub-Sahara Africa has opened a window on prehistoric population movements over the past 8000 years. However, the results are not too much in dispute with African prehistory prior to the use of genetics and the DNA code of humans. In fact, they seem to agree quite remarkably - especially where it concerns the movement of Bantu people from western Africa across the top of the equatorial zone into East Africa and down towards South Africa, a process that was still going on at the start of the colonial period.