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11 Jun 2012
Pit of Bones ... controversy

Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum in Kensington is at loggerheads with Spanish fellow palaeontologists over the dating of human fossils at Atapuerco in northern Spain - see the controversy as reported in The Observer at

9 Jun 2012
Richard Dawkins

At apparently, some proponents of 'evolutionary psychology' are opposed to the idea of the Selfish Gene and the God Delusion. Group selection is back in fashion. A similar theme appears at ... make of this what you will

9 Jun 2012
Pole shift on Mars

At ... change in the axis of rotation is Out of Bounds on Earth but strangely not so on Mars. The ESA Mars Express has created a colour image of the geology of a couple of craters on Mars that may show evidence the planet underwent significant 'periodic' fluctuations in its climate due to changes in its axis of rotation.

8 Jun 2012
Broken hockey sticks

Andrew Montford outlines what some recent activity at Climate Audit might mean - see (and the comments to these kind of posts are just as important as the few paragraphs that set up the response). The Mann made hockey stick was a northern hemisphere affair. We now seem to have a southern hemisphere concoction. Some 27 proxy records were used, and another 35 were looked at and rejected as unsuitable.

8 Jun 2012
Asian Roots

An article in the Australian science magazine, Cosmos - see is a funny kind of piece that has been published in the journal PNAS. Is it biased? Does it extrapolate a theory out of thin air? It seems that some anthropologists would be happy if early primates and hominids had an origin in Asia rather than Africa - but does any of this matter to anyone?

8 Jun 2012

Some interesting links for thorium energy - another ten years at the earliest. Go to which is about a book focussing on green energy - including thorium.

7 Jun 2012

A video of the Dawn mission to the asteroid Vesta can be seen at and see the image of a multi-coloured asteroid Vesta at


See also ... same image and story.

7 Jun 2012
Archaeological links for the first week in June

At ... prior to construction work archaeologists did a survey and came across a Solutreean hunting camp - buried 2m deep. The Palaeolithic site, on an island in the Dordogne region, dates back to the Late Glacial Maximum some 20,000 years ago. Several thousand flint objects and flakes were unearthed and the site appears to have been both a place where animals were butchered and a place where stone tools were manufactured.

7 Jun 2012
Baby, it's cold outside

It may be the coldest June weekend for 80 + years as far as Sweden is concerned (see yesterday) but it's getting warmer on the propaganda side as we approach the Rio summit  - a rash of scare stories from the journals. They are blooming ... you know, just like before the last summit. Was it Copenhagen or Acapulco. No, it was Durban. Nearly forgot that one as it was nearly off the radar. Just another sunny spot out of the ill winds of the climate chill - and all that water pouring out of the sky.

6 Jun 2012
The Bolsover Beast

Harking back to two days ago - giant insects. They seem to have reached their maximum size during the Late Carbiniferous - which is why they turn up in coal seams, and the early Permian. Giant dragonflies with a wing span up to 28 inches are pretty fearsome, hence the coining of the term, the Beast of Bolsover (found in a coal mine in Bolsover). The theory is that high oxygen concentrations in the atmosphere allowed insects to grow to an abnormal size.