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24 Sep 2017
African DNA

At ... DNA from sub-Sahara Africa has opened a window on prehistoric population movements over the past 8000 years. However, the results are not too much in dispute with African prehistory prior to the use of genetics and the DNA code of humans. In fact, they seem to agree quite remarkably - especially where it concerns the movement of Bantu people from western Africa across the top of the equatorial zone into East Africa and down towards South Africa, a process that was still going on at the start of the colonial period.

25 Sep 2017
More fun ... or is it games

At .... reports on a piece by Nigel Hawkins in The Sunday Times concerning the Nature Geoscience article (see earlier post). This admitted the estimates of global warming used for years to torture the world's conscience and justify massive spending on non-carbon energy were, er, wrong. The admission overdue he says, something that has been obvious for years. Temperatures hardly changed between 1998 and 2013 - which is a pause, according to the IPCC.

25 Sep 2017
Swinging Round

The sun spot which spewed out CMEs towards the Earth a couple of weeks ago has been going round, and round. It is still there and as it rotates around the face of the Sun it will shortly re-emerge. Will Earth be in the firing line once again? See September 14th.


25 Sep 2017
DNA Mutation

Chris Gatling in Current World Archaeology 85 (October 2017) ... page 85 ... looks at human DNA mutation. People argued that modern humans evolved 100,000 years ago and moved Out of Africa 60,000 years ago - reaching Australia 40,000 years ago. Martine James in Molecule Hunt, raised the ante to 150,000 years ago, and Clive Gamble in Timewalkers was in favour of 200,000 years ago. He said humans reached Australia 80,000 years ago - which turns out to be a pretty good prediction - on current evidence.

1 Oct 2017
Hawaii coral reef

At ... did rapid sea level change drown fossil coral reefs around Hawaii? Recent discoveries suggest there have been episodes of very rapid sea level rise as a result of ice sheet collapse at the end of the Ice Age. This change in sea level was associated with the drowning of coral reefs in Hawaii.

1 Oct 2017
Juno Mission

At ... I don't know anything about this web site although I notice they support the Velikovskian idea of errant planets - Mars, Venus, and Mercury. They quote from a press release concerning a new paper on initial findings of the Juno mission - which is an interesting admission by scientists that Jupiter does not conform to the consensus theories as predicted over many years by astronomers. One would need to go back to source to get a full picture much the same as anything reported on News at the SIS web site.

1 Oct 2017

Sorghum is a native sub-Sahara grass that has been utilised for thousands  of years by hunter gatherers as well as farming communities. It emerged as an important cereal crop along with rice, wheat, barley and maize and it is thought Africans may have domesticated sorghum in areas south of Egypt (where wheat and barley cereals dominated). The discovery, in modern Sudan, that people in the 4th millennium BC (3500 to 3000BC) had domesticated sorghum is the earliest archaeological evidence so far. The evidence comes from pottery residues of the Butana culture people of eastern Sudan.

1 Oct 2017

A study in the journal Science pots modern human origins in South Africa back to 300,000 years ago. The DNA from the remains of a 2000 year old boy found at Ballito Bay in Natal during the 1960s has been used to re-write human history - after reconstructing his full genome (and that of 6 others who lived between 2700 and 300 years ago). Three of these people were Khoe-San (which includes Bushmen) and four were of Bantu origin. The genome of the Ballito boy was used to calculate the split between modern humans and earlier human groups and came up with the 300,000 figure.

1 Oct 2017

An article in Scientific American covers the same ground as a press release reported here a week or so ago - see ... which tells us geologists have been comparing early Earth with Iceland - where black lava fields stretch as far as the eye can see and beaches with black sand can be found. Black rocks and black sand can be seen elsewhere of course, with an origin in volcanic lava eruptions.

4 Oct 2017
Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson is addressing the autumn speaker meeting at the weekend so it is opportune to look at his presentation at the EU Conference in 2013. The text and images have been posted to Google Docs but the text itself can be read at