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6 Jun 2012
Black Holes and Dark Energy and Sand on Mars

It might have been the coldest June weekend for over 80 years in Stockholm, see but at a giant black hole is being kicked out of its galaxy - the Chandra X-ray Observatory tells no lies (or does it?) Astronomers claim to have found strong evidence that a massive black hole is being ejected from its host galaxy - at a speed of several million mph.

6 Jun 2012
Transit of Venus

The video of the transit is available at and at

5 Jun 2012
An extraordinary solar flare

At ... a spike in C14 levels indicates a massive cosmic event of some kind - in AD774/5. The atmospheric level of C14 must have jumped significantly - but apparently, supernovae and solar flares have been ruled out. The C14 isotope is formed when highly energetic radiation from outer space hits atoms in the atmosphere producing neutrons. These collide with nitrogen 14 which then decays to C14.

3 Jun 2012

At ... an unusual post as far as subject is concerned. Andi Cockroft wonders aloud about paleo-climate as it seems Theresa Cole (see ColeTheresaN2011MSc.pdf) recently produced a graph that purports to depict an observed fall in global annual mean atmospheric pressure since 1916. This led to the dinosaurs and the idea they would not be able to fly nowadays as they are too heavy to get lift off from the ground. Were they helped by denser air? Denser air probably means a higher air pressure than today.

3 Jun 2012
Rock Art in California desert

2 Jun 2012
The Orkneys ... rising from the seas

At is a map of the Orkney - as it was in 8000BC. This is at a considerable time after the end of the Ice Age and yet the Orkneys were still a very large piece of land situated off the north coast of Scotland. The web site has maps of the Orkneys as they were 10,000 years ago, and as they were 5000 years ago (the last major permanent shift in sea level).

2 Jun 2012
Lower Pecos rock art

At ... the Lower Pecos is an arid expanse situated in SW Texasand somewhat remote from the beaten track. Some 4000 years ago it was populated bya people that have left behind a considerable amount of wall to wall rock art in shallow caves and rock shelters. They include human figures, deer, birds, rabbits, snakes, coyote, mountain lion and various desert animals.

2 Jun 2012
Did the Earth turn upside down?

At ... Okanagan is not an Irish surname but a hot dry, and yes, sunny part of Canada very popular with tourists and pensioners. It is a desirable place to live, a huge lake with lots of lakeside properties and ospreys sitting on the telegraph poles. What Okanagan has to do with Velikovsky is anyones guess - but Velikovsky's ideas are alive and kicking in this part of Canada (presumably via a retiree).

2 Jun 2012
An assumption of Subduction

Without taking sides this is perhaps an illustration of how science consensus nails the mast down - against all comers. At the title is The Convenient Assumption of Subduction and clearly the author favours the expanding earth theory - but the way he presents it makes you think. He begins with a nice image of global subduction zones followed by a quote from the 'Encyclopedia of Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics' (Seyfert) on page 712 ...

1 Jun 2012
The May 17th solar flare

At a neutron detector at the University of Oulu in Finland captured solar particles originating from a solar flare on May 17th - travelling at very near the speed of light and arriving just 20 minutes after the light emitted from the flare. The particles collided with atoms in Earth's atmosphere and caused a shower to cascade down towards the surface - generating a ground level enhancement (GLE).