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2 Dec 2011
Blowing Bubbles ... in the sky

At ... we might ask, is the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way quietly dozing away or is it secretly gobbling all that dares to come alongside? In a paper in Physical Review Letters Subir Sarkar of Oxford University discusses bubbles feeding black holes - or is it vice versa? These bubbles are gigantic structures above and below the centre of the galaxy that were discovered fairly recently and studied by Harvard astrophysicists using material from NASAs Fermi satellite.

2 Dec 2011
Out of Africa ... and cooking pots

The Out of Africa theory dominates anthropology and archaeologists and others are forever looking for evidence in support. At we learn that evidence of humans migrating out of Africa has recently been found in South Arabia at a timescale commisserate with consensus ideas. In the Dhofur Mountains of Oman they have found what is described as stone bread crumbs, tools or flakes, of a Middle Stone Age culture that is also known from the Nile Valley.

2 Dec 2011
Mann as opposed to Lamb

At is a guest post by Tony Brown which compares Mann's version of the Little Ice Age with that of Hubert Lamb, and makes use of various scribbles by Brian Fagan in the process. Warning - it is a very long read. However, it is also worth downloading to keep as it is so comprehensive - some 20 + pages of text. In his conclusion he notes Lamb used a variety of sources for his temperature analysis of the past 1000 years whereas Mann used proxies that were limited in comparison.

1 Dec 2011
Climategate 2 rumbles on ...

At we learn that climate catastrophe is changing gear and slowing down - and this piece looks at the influence of Han Joachim Schellnhuber, a German physicist highly influential in CAGW and the founder of the Potsdam climate research unit, an advisor to the EU commission and buddy boys with the likes of Angela Merkel and Tony Blair. He seems to have instilled a lot of scary stuff into the polemic of politicians right across Europe.

1 Dec 2011
The flora of tucked away places have a secret to tell

At we learn that botanical researchers from Europe and China are looking at remote regions of China to try and discover plants, shrubs and trees that may have survived the Ice Ages - in refugia. One such place they have targeted is in the SW of China, at the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau and close to the border with Burma - the Hengduan Mountains. Apparently, in China a large number of ancient flora still exist - with lineage going back millions of years ago.

1 Dec 2011
Alfred de Grazia is still buzzing - at 90 years and climbing.

The Quantavolution Conference in 2011 took place in October, in Athens (see ). Speakers included our very own Trevor Palmer, one of our favourite speakers, Mike Baillie, as well as Amanda Laoupi, Vladimir Rubtsov, and Flavio Barbeiro (who has contributed to SIS). Subjects ranged from doomsday cults, the 2300BC event, extraterrestrial impacts, Celtic myths and comets, plagues, advanced civilisations, sanskrit and ancient Greek gods in heaven with similarities to comets, and volcanic landscapes in the Mediterranean.

1 Dec 2011
Lightning and the Weather

This piece, at begins by telling us that at any given moment two thousand thunderstorms roll over Earth producing 50 flashes of lightning every second. Each lightning burst creates electromagnetic waves that begin to circle around the Earth - in the atmosphere. Some of these waves combine and increase in strength to create an atmospheric phenomenon known as Schumann Resonance. This provides a tool to analyse the weather on Earth, its electric environment, and what types of atoms and molecules exist in the atmosphere at any given time.

30 Nov 2011
Climategate 2 ... even the Taurids get an airing

George Howard at discusses an email in the cache from Mike Baillie, a reviewer of an article that was denying a cosmic connection in contrast to his own theory. He makes no pretence of who he is and attempts to argue against the volcanic explanation. Its an interesting take on the peer review process.

30 Nov 2011
Celestial processions at ... guess where?

An interesting story concerning Stonehenge and its environs has emerged - see for example ... where it is said archaeologists from the University of Birmingham have found two large pits positioned on celestial alignments. It is being suggested these pits may have contained tall stones or wooden posts that were used to mark the rising and the setting of the Sun - and a procession associated with it.

30 Nov 2011
Early Human Footprints

One of the most controversial archaeological sites in North America is in the Mojave desert of California, in the low hills of the Calico Mountains. It displays evidence for the presence of tool making humans from at the latest, 200,000 years ago (see abd ). A few years ago they were arguing that Clovis were the first people in the Americas and now ....