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22 Jan 2012
A new tomb from Thebes

At news of the discovery of an 18th dynasty tomb not far from KV40. The entrance was blocked up but at a later stage came into re-use - and blocked up again. This is what is thought happened, at the present time, as large stones in front and over the entrance belong to the secondary occupation. It seems the dynasty 18 burial was infilled with debris so as to accomodate a secondary burial. This consists of a black wooden coffin dated to dynasty 22.

22 Jan 2012
Rotation of the Earth

At there is a report on research in Japan and a paper in Physical Review Letters on problems associated with rotation of the Earth, namely there is not a perfect rate of spin. This led to the view that because different kinds of material make up the core, mantle and the crust this created different rates of spin that causes inherent friction. In other words, the planet wobbles. Why does it wobble? Insome way the mantle responds to the magnetic tug of the core.

22 Jan 2012
Polar Wandering

Sir Henry James in an article in a journal called The Athenaeum, in 1860, explained Ice Ages by the migration of the axis of rotation. The mechanism for this, he proposed, was the rapid elevation of the world's mountain chains which had disturbed the rotational balance. In fact, during the 19th century the idea of polar wandering was aired on many occasions - even during the early 20th century. It is rarely mentioned nowadays. 

20 Jan 2012
The co2 blanket

Another gem at January 19th 2012, 'Stratopause Emissions' following close on the heels of his investigation of water vapour in the atmosphere. In this instance he targets back radiation from co2 - but see also and which also deal with the same basic subject matter.

20 Jan 2012
Are Neanderthals still with us?

At details of a modelling experiment has been written up in the December issue of Human Ecology - with some interesting results. Modelling is only as good as the data that is fed into it.

20 Jan 2012
A comet hitting the Sun

We might all be interested in what the Electric Universe theory people might say about this but the post, and a video, can be found at and it will no doubt be viewed by many people around the world. A Sun grazing comet is caught by SOHO (the joint NASA/ESA enterprise) LASCO C2 camera as it dives into the Sun's heliosphere. It happened in July of last year but the paper has just been published in Science.

19 Jan 2012
Interesting geology on the sea floor

At there is a piece on deep sea vents in the Caribbean - with a difference (published in Nature Communications, January 10th). The vents, or deep sea hot springs we might say, are 5km down in a rift on the Caribbean sea floor. What is novel however is the discovery of 'black smokers', which are vents too, on the upper slope of an undersea mountain which rises 3km from the sea bottom. The mountain formed, it is claimed, when a vast slab of rock was twisted up out of the ocean floor. How did that happen?

19 Jan 2012
Bluestone ... still up in the air

Contrary to some reports in the media the situation regards the bluestones is not cut and dried as far as human transportation is concerned.

19 Jan 2012
Windmills bursting into flames

This is meant to be tongue in cheek as it seems those dratted windmills don't like it too windy. Generally, they are switched off when the wind starts blowing too hard, but electricity consumers still have to pay the operators of the windmills whether they are working or not, which is a nice little earner, or subsidy, if you can grab a piece of the pie.

18 Jan 2012
Is water vapour really a greenhouse gas?

A post at January 15th 'Outgoing vs Land vs Water Vapour' makes you wonder if it is all a hall of mirrors and the greenhouse effect is science that has underrated the role of the Solar Wind and how it interacts with the atmosphere of the Earth. The post by EM Smith is an attempt to understand how water vapour, and other greenhouse gases, might cause warming. What he found was actual surface temperatures are in rough equilibrium with actual solar input - something denied categorically by the Team of climate scientists at the core of CAGW.