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21 Mar 2012
Global Sea Levels

Global sea levels are pretty well flat at the moment but a paper in the journal Geology is not at all discouraged by this and assures us one and all that they are set to rise by 40 to 70 feet - see Part of the research was done on a coral atoll in the Pacific and some of it in the seismically active area of New Zealand and soil cores taken from Virginia were also used - but it is unclear if any of this has a bearing on the conclusions.

20 Mar 2012
Napier vindicated

Following on from yesterday (Bill Napier email from 2005) the YD impact hypothesis is revisited at in which the author begins by saying the team presenting the YD boundary event were not writing from a solid astronomical model - and that is what got them into trouble with the critics. This was because they were relying on Toon et al and the estimate they made that it would take a 4 mile wide bolide to account for a continent wide debris layer.

20 Mar 2012
Monsoon track across India

Fascinating piece at ... a paper in Geophysical Research Letters, 'Holocene Aridification of India' is based on a sediment core extracted from the Bay of Bengal where the Gondavari River drains the central Indian peninsular over which monsoon wind carry most of the precipitation. A 10,000 year reconstruction of climate in central India came about as a result of this core (close to a river mouth where it accumulates sediment very fast).

19 Mar 2012
NASA mission to the Sun

At ... namely, the Solar Probe Plus mission and a piece of electronic wizardry being assembled by Justin Kasper - eyes across 100 million miles of space. Within 7 years the planned mission will journey to the centre of the solar system in order to study the solar wind. It will address key points - how does the corona heat to a phenomenal degree and what powers the solar wind, the stream of charged particles that flows from the corona.

19 Mar 2012
Bill Napier 7 years ago

Bill Napier, in an email to the Benny Peiser Cambridge Conference Network in 2005 (in reply to criticism of the Clube and Napier model) said, 'so far as I know nobody of status disputes that there was an erstwhile exceptionally large comet in a short period earth crossing orbit in the relatively recent past. In fact, I don't know how it could be disputed since we see the debris in the form of the old massive Taurid meteor stream.

18 Mar 2012
End of Holocene conjecture

An excellent piece by guest poster William McClenney at which is an update on an earlier posting. His argument is that CAGW people are ignoring the fact we live in an interglacial and we are nearing its end - or are we? Five of the last six interglacials, it is claimed, lasted around half a precession cycle.

18 Mar 2012
Near Miss to Miss us again

At .... we learn that the asteroid that came close to earth earlier in the year will do the same thing next year. Known as 2012 DA14 it has an orbit synchronised with that of the earth's orbit - and it jumps inside and outside of the path of the earth two times a year.

18 Mar 2012
New dates for Egyptian necropolis ... and titbits

At ... Polish researchers have redated burials at Meidum that were formerly restricted to dynasty 4. It seems burials continued at the necropolis all the way down to the New Kingdom, shattering previous assumptions. These assumptions that formed a consensus (oh dear, that word once again) it seems have never been questioned until now - and a breath of fresh air has entered the debate. Why is the consensus accepted without substantiation - in many areas of science?

18 Mar 2012
Riches of the Dark Age

At and is another discovery, this time in Cambridgeshire, of a grave with rich trappings that indicates the dark age was not really 'dark' but an incredibly wealthy period - for large numbers of people. On this occasion the body of a young girl, laid out on a bed with iron legs, as if she was at rest, had a delicate and well made gold and garnet cross on her chest.

16 Mar 2012
Footprints in the sand and fossil humans in China

At ... animal and human fossil footprints found in peat and covered by sand at Borth beach in Ceredigion have been dated between four and three thousand years ago. A line of post holes has also been spotted and a well known submerged forest lies close by - indicating the coastline at this point was further out in Cardigan Bay at the time the fossil footprints were laid down. They emerged as a result of shifting sand on the beach and the sand is expected to recover them in the weeks ahead.