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5 Dec 2017
Robust Rebuttal

Physicists did not like Andre Meader's claim that dark matter and dark energy do not exist - see News item at ... Maeder's argument was published in a series of papers in The Astrophysics Journal (during 2017) which did away with the necessity of factoring in hypothetical dark matter and dark energy, by the simple expedient of re-evaluating Einstein's concept of space time. Maeder found he could explain the expansion of the universe without dark energy.

6 Dec 2017
Iron in the Bronze Age

Gary sent in this link to ... (see also ) meteoric iron was in use during the Bronze age is the them of the findings in the Journal of Archaeological Science (December 2017). The Iron Age proper began after 1200BC - after the end of the Late Bronze period. However, as long ago as 3000BC iron artefacts were being made (see image below for example) - but formed out of meteoric iron. The iron arrived from the sky as already made.

6 Dec 2017
Remodelling the Moon

Gary also sent this link at ... (see also ). Collisions 'after' the formation of the Moon 'remodelled' early Earth - all by using modeling processes (see Naturegeoscience at www ). Basically, they have used computer simulation fo show the Earth could have been transformed by small planet sized asteroids after the collision that created the Moon.

6 Dec 2017
Sekhmet statues

At ... the Chinese Liangzhu culture (Neolithic) created dams and levees as part of a vast hydraulic engineering exercise 5000 years ago at the Yangtze river delta. The Liangzhu people lived in houses on stilts along the river and its different channels. Chronologically Liangzhu was contemporary the pyramid builders in Egypt and the Stonehenge builders in Britain, dated between 3300 and 2300BC. The areas was attractive as they were growing rice in paddy fields ...

6 Dec 2017
Foul Play

At ... PSMSL data adjusters are manufacturing sea level rise where none exists - according to a new paper in Earth Systems and Environment. One of the authors is Clifford Ollier.

6 Dec 2017
Alaska Muck

An article to stir the blood of all those people impressed by Velikovsky's book 'Earth in Upheaval' published back in the 1950s. Impacted related microspherules in Late Pleistocene Alaska and Yukon muck deposits signify recurrent episodes of catastrophic emplacement (of the muck deposits as well as the microspherules). This may be explained by encounters with cometary debris in earth crossing orbits (such as the Taurid complex), generated by the fragmentation of a large comet with the inner solar system.

7 Dec 2017
Natufian Hunters

The Natufian culture was hunter gatherer in nature - but they also exploited edible plants and lived in permanent, or semi permanent, houses. It has become something of a historical fact that Natufian people were halfway on the road towards agriculture - although when you look at it from a longer lens you realise they were doing not a great deal more than Magdalenian people in Europe, stone age people in New Guinea, and the early Maya people exploiting the forest margins in Mexico (prior to the adoption of agriculture).

7 Dec 2017
Tempest Stela

It seems the Tempest stela of Ahmose, first king of dynasty 18, belongs to a delicate stage in the removal of the Hyksos from the delta region in Egypt. The city of Avaris was under seige by the army of Ahmose, king of Upper Egypt. As such, the tempest was influential in the events that followed, culminating in the expulsion of the Hyksos from Lower Egypt. The big question is - did the tempest have anything to do with the eruption of the Thera volcano in the Aegean. It is thought the ash cloud primarily moved eastwards across southern Anatolia.

8 Dec 2017
Weak Black Holes

It seems like black holes are not living up to the hype surrounding them as the magnetic field of one is much less powerful than envisioned in the various mainstream models of the phenomenon - see ... we are told reality is catching up with black holes. In a paper in Science journal we learn they have significantly weaker magnetic fields than previously thought - code for, oh dear, measurement doesn't match theory. In fact the actual energy around a black hole is 400 times lower than entrenched in mainstream thinking.

12 Dec 2017
Mid Continent Rift

At ... geologists disprove theory about what stopped the formation of the Mid Continent Rift (in N America). This rift is generally thought responsible for the dramatic cliffs running along the shore of Lake Superior (where ice melt has scoured away sedimentary layers that once covered it ...