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9 Jul 2011
Earthquake Lights

At ... it seems the earthquake in March 2011 that shook the sea floor 80 miles east of Japan and released a tsunami wave also produced light phenomena in the sky captured on camera in Hawaii - glaring ripples that moved through the sky. These ripples, it is said, were following the tsunami wave below - or is that something just for the kids?

8 Jul 2011
Eocene anomaly and sea floor spreading ... again

This time, a paper in Nature July 7th (see ) that claims not just push and pull at plate boundaries are responsible for tectonic events but plumes of hot magma rising up from the deep interior of the earth play a role in plate tectonics - but what might cause such upwellings is something else.

8 Jul 2011
Lightning on Saturn

At we learn that Cassini has taken images and sounds of electrical storms on Saturn - and one of them has been raging since December. It generates 10 lightning flashes a second - and this is the tenth such storm revealed by Cassini since 2004 (see also

8 Jul 2011
YD Impact hypothesis bounce-back?

I'm getting dizzy but it seems that a few days ago the Firestone et al hypothesis was on the ropes, even bent forwards on its knees, but now it seems it might bounce back - with a vengeance. At July 6th in a post by George entitled 'Swiss Kiss: Nanodiamonds and Iridium independently confirmed at Bern INQUA session on Younger Dryas climate crash' - so the hypothesis still has legs and is walking, it would seem - in spite of all the negativity over in the US.

6 Jul 2011
Two Times Mann

It seems we have two climate scientists with the monicker of Michael Mann (but with different middle names). This emerged with the publication of a paper where the 'other' Michael Mann was a co-author of the Kaufmann et al release that has admitted, for the first time, that global surface temperatures did not rise between 1998 and 2008 (ignoring the last couple of years) (see ).

6 Jul 2011
Sea Floor Strips

Musings from the Chiefio, July 4th 2011 ( ... EM Smith looks at consensus theory on sea floor spreading, mainly in the Pacific as he lives in California, and finds some apparent anomalies. This is a not a serious study of sea floor spreading but the blog author just playing around with an idea. He therefore does not reach a firm conclusion - merely points out that the sea floor itself may move, in pieces, but not necessarily in a uniformitarian pattern.

4 Jul 2011
YD boundary event in a nosedive

At is another nail in the coffin of the comet impace theory at the beginning of the Younger Dryas. It looks more and more like they rushed into press without fully weighing up alternative ideas. Claim and counter claim has become a problem and the theory has one glaring problem that it can't get around - the Younger Dryas event was a carbon copy of the Older and Oldest Dryas events and half a dozen Heinrich events that took place over the last 70,000 years (conventional dating).

4 Jul 2011
Soon and Baliunas

As Willie Soon and Sally Baliunas have again come in for some high octane criticism from the doomsaying community as alarmist quarters scratch around waving their arms in all directions looking for conservatives under their beds - and for some reason to explain why their once unassailable position is repeatedly being challenged. The accusation against Soon and Baliunas is that they were partly funded by Big Oil - via their university.

3 Jul 2011
dark energy - what is it?

At we are told that zombie stars are the key to measuring dark energy. At we are informed there is a cosmic Axis of Evil. Astronomers, it seems, are puzzled by the announcement that the masses of the largest objects in the universe appear to depend on which method is used to estimate their mass. At we are told there is proof dark matter actually does exist.

3 Jul 2011
How not to report archaeology

Spiegel Online 7th January 2011 (see,1518,771569,00.html ) reports on a Bronze Age burial mound at Leubingine where tree rings on wooden planks or beams have been used to come up with a date of 1831BC. The 20 feet high mound in Thuringia (eastern Germany) was originally excavated in the 19th century, and contained the remains of a man with a significant number of grave goods together with the skeleton of a child lying across his lap.