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16 Nov 2011
Eskimo migrations and Egyptian petroglyphs

At ... archaeologists have found a bronze buckle made from a cast, in Alaska, in an eskimo house dating back 1000 years. It originated in East Asia, or so the guess is, but the object was much older than the house as a leather attachment has been carbon dated to around AD600. The object suggests it arrived in Alaska by trade and barter - or the eskimos brought it with them when they migrated into Alaska fromSiberia which is thought to have happened 1500 years ago.

16 Nov 2011
Robert Schoch

According to the Thunderbolts web site Robert Schoch is a recent recruit to the Electric Universe theory and the idea of plasma playing a destructive role in the past history of the Earth, and he is going to be a speaker at the upcoming January EU Conference in Las Vegas (see Robert Schoch is most famous for his association with John Anthony West and others, who dated the Great Sphinx thousands of years earlier than orthodoxy.

14 Nov 2011
Mesolithic people under the sea

At ... during construction of new deep water port facilities in Rotterdam Dutch archaeologists have found Mesolithic remains - at a depth of 20m. During the early Holocene, before 6000BC, what is now Rotterdam was situated on the river bank of the Rhine and Maas. The southern North Sea was largely dry land - probably a bit marshy and with the occasional body of water but an environment that would have suited humans that lived by hunting fowl, fish and animals.

14 Nov 2011
A new island is forming in the Atlantic

News that the volcano growing on the seabed near the Canaries is about to break the surface of the sea is at (see also The initial eruption occurred at a depth of 2300 feet and the other at a depth of 655 feet (see also

14 Nov 2011
Timo Niroma

The catastrophist blog of Timo Niroma of Helsinki may have reached its conclusion. News is that he has recently died of cancer - so who might continue the good work in Finland? Timo is a former member of SIS and provided links from his web site to various articles in our journals. He was big on Clube and Napier at one time but more recently had turned to sun spots and 'coronal mass ejections' - see for instance which was expanded to page 7 by number. What happens to somebody's web site when they die - does it die as well?

11 Nov 2011
Records of Aurorae and Climate Change

A paper by Nicola Scafetta in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-terrestrial Physics is reviewed at .. is set to expand the climate debate by drawing in solar flares and aurora borealist records. Basically, the claim is that oscillations in mid latitude auroras between 1700 and 1966 occurred in a cycle of some kind, at intervals that marry into instrumental global surface temperature records.

11 Nov 2011
Solar Magnetic Polarity Reversal

Michael Armstrong on the .... wrote a piece last year on the solar magnetic reversal every 11 years and corresponding with sun spot cycles, which is little understood. Armstrong seeks to explain the situation by making a connection with the electric sun hypothesis (but see also

This piece, it may be noted, has a strong association with plasma physics and nuclear fusion - see 

11 Nov 2011
Hannibal and his elephants

I make no comment on this inclusion, sent in by Gary Gilligan, a link to a piece that asks if Hannibal really crossed the Alps with an army - and some elephants. The gist of the piece is a bit of grist, and that is that historians accept he did but when it comes to events in the Bible such as the Exodus they cast doubt on the authenticity of such things. See One aspect missing is that most of the Roman period was warm - warmer than today.

10 Nov 2011
Looking at the universe - with different eyes

At ... Stephen Smith has a look at the way astronomers describe features of the universe. For example, plasma behaves in unusual ways and observers assume it is the result of winds and shockwaves that they see. Plasma is driven at a very high rate of knots - as fast as 1000km a second. There seem to be powerful storms going on, or cluster activity with great clouds of gas - for want of a better description.

10 Nov 2011
Caves and Archaeology

At there is a report on a paper in PNAS on the colour and markings of prehistoric horses as painted on the walls of Lascoux cave - and elsewhere. All the variations existed in pre-domestic horse populations, it would seem, lending weight to the idea the artists were portraying faithfully their natural environment. Anthropologists, and others, have suggested the paintings actually reflect abstract ideas in the minds of the painters, and such colour and markings did not exist.