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2 Nov 2011
BEST on the fizzle

More on BEST and how it was collated, see with a hint there is a calibration problem in the methodology. The same subject is examined in an earlier post, the day before, at which is the nub of the problem.

2 Nov 2011
Ice Cores

Although this piece can be found at and therefore classifiable as climate change it also has a bearing on dating and chronology. Ice cores have been criticised out of hand by Charles Ginenthal and Emmet Sweeney for example, in SIS and related literature, as well as a raft of Creationist web sites and tracts. In particular, the story of WWII aeroplanes discovered buried under a very deep amount of snow has been used to deride the concept of ice cores.

2 Nov 2011
Gilgal Refa'im

Gilgal Refa'im, the wheel of giants, is a huge heap of stones in the form of a cairn on the Golan Heights, 65m in diameter and around 15m high. it sits at the centre of a concentric ring of stones - see . It is in a region known for its dolmens and in the Bible is associated with the 'bedstead of Og' - almost certainly some kind of megalithic tomb.

2 Nov 2011
Dark Matter - fact or fiction

The science of dark matter - or the theory that such a thing as dark matter is a real life fact is in the news - see Is anybody getting close to finding out what it is? The pieces then goes on to say dark matter is invoked to balance the mathematics - within a set of formulae which are already straining credibility by telling us 96 per cent of the universe is invisible and undetectable. However, dark matter also explains galaxies and galaxy clusters, it is thought.

2 Nov 2011
Sun verses Saturn - who was Ra?

At there was a bit of a splat between Gary Gilligan and the Saturnists in which some basic problems endemic to the Saturn theory and likewise of Gary's interpretation of Egyptian texts and monumental inscriptions, were aired in public. Leroy has of course been rabitting on about these kind of things for years - banging his head against the wall.

30 Oct 2011
Global Warming on New York and BEST is not best after all

On a weekend in October in which snow fell out of the sky, described by one journalist 'as sort of like a blizzard' on parts of the US, including New York (more sleet here than snow so my sources over there say) and so too has the BEST 'global warming is proven' meme been more or less taken to pieces by its co-author Judith Curry, the principle climate scientist involved in the BEST research. Her view is that warming has been flat for at least a decade. In spite of rising co2 levels warming is not happening - and the snow in the States is proof of the pudding.

29 Oct 2011

At there is an interesting catastrophist web site - or is it a blog. Once again it is the Taurid complex that gets the primary attention and Velikovsky's solar system changes are regarded as unlikely. The authors claim that over the last 60,000 years cosmic objects have impacted with earth in large numbers and have radically terraformed the face and environment of the earth. However, most of these events are not visible on the ground so it is proposed there was a preponderance of low angle entries.

29 Oct 2011
A soothing sort of sceptic rather than a contankerous one

An interesting post on communication - the difference between being a sceptic and an AGW true believer, on the one hand, and how each side shouts but fails to persuade. Neither side listens to the other - should the language be calmer, it is asked at and is something to think about. The bit he misses out though is not that sceptics are more intuitive than the other side but they are primarily older - middle aged and above.

29 Oct 2011
A cold blast of air at the end of the Old Kingdom

At dear auntie, there is an excellent and well thought out article on the collapse of Egypt at the end of dynasty 6. People have said that the very long reign of Pepi II led to infighting among his heirs and led to decentralisation but the author strongly disagrees with this argument and several others. Fekri Hassan says there were a series of low Nile floods and the Faiyum, a lake 65m deep, dried up in the process. This implies it evaporated.

27 Oct 2011
Short legs ... for walking up hills or because of the cold draught?

At ... another misconception bites the dust - perhaps. It seems that the consensus view that Neanderthals had short legs in comparison to modern humans (although lots of people actually do have short legs), might be misinformed. It was thought it had something to do with the cold weather during the Ice Age - or rather the cold weather in Europe and western Asia over the last 200,000 years, and ending in around 35,000 years ago, when they disappeared in an inexplicatble fashion.