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27 Oct 2011
Pock marked Mercury

At we learn that NASAs Messenger spacecraft has discovered strange hollows on the surface of Mercury - at a variety of latitudes and longitudes. They range in size from 60 feet wide to over a mile across. As there is no atmosphere, as such, on Mercury, they could not have been moulded by wind or rain - so the thinking goes. So what carved the holes from the rocky crust that are up to 120 feet deep?

27 Oct 2011
An astronomical alignment in North America

A site in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, or so the song goes, has caught the eye of a Virginia archaeologist - see - but it was the new owner of the land that found the mysterious feature - when he started to clear scrub and woodland. What he found was a series of concentric rings of stones - and this is what caused him to bring in the archaeologist. What was it all about?

27 Oct 2011
Humans and Apes

At, it is junk DNA that defines the differences between humans and chimpanzees but at culture in humans and apes has the same evolutionary roots - orang utans in this instance. It is a fact that geneticists were flabbergasted when they found that the human genome differed hardly from that of chimpanzees - it didn't make sense. However, as a scientific fact it was accepted but it seems that biologists were somewhat restless, chewing the situation over.

23 Oct 2011
Is the sky falling?

David Morrison, a NASA senior scientist, is well known as a sceptic of fringe science. In particular, he is disparaging of Velikovsky. As a result of this he is also highly critical of Clube and Napier too - claiming they derived their ideas from Velikovsky. That may well be so - they do have a remarkable amount of similarity. In 1997 David Morrison wrote a Book Review for an American publication - therefore outside my box. The story comes from a commenter on the Cosmic Tusk blog.

23 Oct 2011
Climate - further note on BEST

The BEST debate is still in its infancy. Steve McIntyre has now joined in - see where he begins in a positive tone by saying he is impressed by the BEST results as it represents strong evidence against the Hockey Stick model and shows the Little Ice Age as a reality. It is 2 degrees warmer now than at the beginning of the 19th century. It makes you wonder how all those mainstream media journalists managed to get hold of the wrong end of the stick - all guns firing.

22 Oct 2011
Addendum to climate in mid-October

Lots of noise is being generated in the media, desperate to keep the gravy train in place, following a press release concerning the BEST research on global warming - rather, restricted facets of that research. Many blogs have responded to the double talk and the obvious fact that some of the journalists have not even read what they were reporting - or is this a piece of purposeful misrepresentation?

20 Oct 2011
Electric Plankton

At a PNAS paper has shown that electricity lies at the root of blue flashes, a kind of bioluminescence, visible at night in various marine environments, is activated by tiny plankton.

20 Oct 2011
A comet broke up in the 19th century - very close to the earth?

Two Mexican astronomers have uploaded a paper onto the prepress server arXiv concerning objects passing in front of the Sun in 1883, surrounded by a hazy mist. They think it was fragments of a comet that must have come apart very near the Earth. At the time, photographs of the object were explained away as bugs on the camera lens, casting aspersions on the astronomer that presented his findings to the French astronomical association.

20 Oct 2011
Climate News mid October

Donna Laframboise, a prominent Canadian sceptic and investigative journalist, scourge of the various IPCC reports, has set the wags alight on the blogosphere with her just released book. It pummels the IPCC mercilessly - piece by piece and author by author. The IPCC are given a roasting - and they have come under a lot of criticism after their last couple of reports became an object of derision amongst some sections of the populace.

19 Oct 2011
The Flat Universe?

At ... it seems that in recent years cosmologists have discovered the universe is flat - or purportedly so. This is in spite of its apparent accelerating expansion. Why should it expand flatly? Why would the Big Bang be wholly one dimensional - why not spray outwards? The blame is being put on dark energy.