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14 Jun 2011
Earthquakes and Volcanoes

At Piers Corbyn has a new set of dates for EQ or volcanic activity - between the 16th and 19th of June. Meanwhile, at reports on a volcano on the border of Eritrea with Ethiopia with a huge ash cloud - see space image on site. Nabro is located in the Danokil Depression and this is the second volcano to erupt in this region recentlywhich is part of the Rift Valley complex.

14 Jun 2011
Ogres and Dire Warnings

Recent AGW prognostications attempt to link every extreme weather event, volcano, or heat-wave - even out of season snow pack in North American mountains and June snow fall on the summit of Snowdon in the UK, as proof of global warming (disruption). As ludicrous as this obviously this it is going on - in shrill tones and a hectoring manner. It is quite reminiscent of pagan Roman reaction to the rise of Christianity.

13 Jun 2011
Indra - and Rig Veda

Ravindra Godbole's book, accessible at is some 340 pages long - a very big download. However, it is an extremely useful addition to the mythological library as his interpretation of Rig Veda is challenging as far as mythologists are concerned. Those who don't have trouble reading text online rather than printed copy will of course be at an advantage as there will be no need to actually download all those pages. Simply by reading one chapter a day, or even one chapter a week, might be more manageable, but make no mistake this book is remarkable.

13 Jun 2011
Continents - are they adrift?

At there is a provocative article on continental drift which questions some of the assumptions basic to Plate Tectonics theory. We forget that it is still a theory and assume it is a proven scientific concept - as it is consensus science. Read the article and you might be surprised by what is said. For example, what caused Plate Tectonics to be accepted as mainstream science was the discovery in the 1950s and 1960s of a series of magnetic stripes in the rocks on the seabed of the Atlantic Ocean.

12 Jun 2011
Ice Cores

It seems the Vostok ice core extracted from the Antarctic ice sheet goes back around 700,000 years - and even this is a calculation based on a number of variabilities. It came to an end near the rock basement. I can remember reading something similar about a Greenland ice core - so what is actually going on. The Antarctic ice sheet is thought to be immeasurably older - by millions of years. It is thought old ice is squeezed laterally away towards the sea - to melt.

12 Jun 2011
The outer reaches of the solar system

At ... NASAs two Voyager spacecraft are nearing the edge of the solar system, and surprise, the models scientists had developed of the solar sheaf do not appear to be quite right. Voyager is beaming back information that is being analysed - and modelled. From this it has been deduced that the spacecraft have entered a strange foamy zone of large cosmic bubbles, some of them - 100 million miles across.

12 Jun 2011

The Lindzen paper, it seems, found that climate models are routinely exagerating climate sensitivity. It was accepted for publication on May 22nd and was written by Richard Lindzen of MIT and Song Choi of Seoul. All climate models rely on the hypothesis of feedback increasing the warming effect, the idea being that water vapour increases with rising temperatures so as to inhibit infrared cooling. Clouds become less reflective and cause increased solar absorption and therefore further and deeper amounts of warming.

12 Jun 2011
Rig Veda

Ravindra Godbole was inspired to write about the Birth of Indra after reading Uriel's Machine by Knight and Lomas, two writers rather than scientists (Arrow Books:2000). This was in fact a piece he wrote prior to the book. Both can be downloaded or read online at - you can access the Birth of Indra at the bottom of the table of contents of the book. In Uriel's Machine it is said a comet struck the earth around 9500 years ago, a date otherwise unassociated with a catastrophic event.

11 Jun 2011
Copper mines of Jordan (Edom)

At is a story about the start of a new season at copper mines SE of the Dead Sea in what was ancient Edom. Previously, the mining activities were assumed to date as late as the 7th century BC but it seems in last season's dig they obtained a 12th to 10th century C14 date by the new Bayesian methodology. Hence, expectations are high that these are indeed the copper mines fabled to have come under the jurisdiction of Solomon.

11 Jun 2011
Smashed pots in a pit

At is a story about fragments of beautiful but deliberately smashed bronze age figurines and marble bowls found in shallow pits on a small rocky Greek island, Keros, that have puzzled archaeologists for years. Why were they smashed? As in all such thing inexplicable archaeology falls back to the catch-all 'ritual' deposit idea.