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30 Jul 2011
Peter Warlow was right - NASA satellite says so

Peter Warlow, who was due to speak at the 2011 SIS autumn speaker meeting, also gave a talk in 2009, on April 25th at the Harlequin theatre in Redhill, with the title, 'Global Warming Nonsense' and was adamant that the greenhouse theory was flawed. At we learn that NASAs Terra satellite has shown climate models are in error - and a greater amount of heat is lost to space than they are programmed to remit.

29 Jul 2011
Alfven Waves

At ... a paper in Nature on the role of oscillation in the corona of the Sun, known as Alfven waves, points out that when first observed in 2007 their amplitude did not appear great enough to drive the solar wind. New satellite observations reveal Alfven waves a 100 times stronger - enough to heat the Sun's outer atmosphere to millions of degrees and drive the solar wind. The waves are seen in high resolution images and can be viewed at

Trojan Asteroid.

29 Jul 2011
Iron meteorite, 25 tons

At there is news of a huge iron meteorite in the remote Altai mountains, on July 16th (2011). It has an estimated mass of 25 tones and is partly buried beneath a large slab of granite. This means both rocks have probably moved - and as it lies in a glacial valley the culprit is obvious. The question is how old is it, is it part of a larger cosmic object, and where might the other bits lie?

28 Jul 2011

The idea of solar cycles or any kind of weather cycle is discussed at Judith Curry's web site Climate Etc, and at Tallbloke's Talkshop at Are such cycles imaginary, a product of computers, or are they real and even if they are how far back into the past can they be extrapolated? The comments on both sites are interesting as the posts are designed to get the commenters on song.

28 Jul 2011
Volcanoes on the Moon

At (and many other blogs around the world) there is a report on the discovery of a volcano hotspot on the far side of the Moon (source being the journal Nature Geoscience) which came about as a result of images taken by NASAs Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The volcanic activity took place millions of years ago - 800 million years ago according to ABC. This is of course an estimate basied on consensus thinking of the Moon's geology and origin.

28 Jul 2011
Horned altar from Gath

At is a reference to a stone altar with horns found at Tel Tzafit - which is thought to be Biblical Gath. It is said to be reminiscent of Jewish altars - by which I think they mean altars described in the Bible from Israel and Judah. It has been dated to the 9th century BC and presumably Iron Age II on the orthodox timescale.

28 Jul 2011
Extreme Weather anomalies over 2000 years

At the nicely named web site there is a pdf of over 500 pages of text with the title, 'A chronological history of early weather events' by James Marusek (2010) as a counter to AGW hype concerning modern weather extremes - which are supposed to be coming thick and fast as a result of rising C02 levels. This composition shows that such a point of view is really rather juvenile and not worth commenting on to be truthful.

28 Jul 2011

The blog is herewith a recommended site to visit, as the author has asked us to make it available for interested parties. It concerns his ideas regarding the early solar system. In a 10 page print out he begins by saying that binary star systems are seemingly more common than solitary star systems such as ours and that it too may have began as a binary system. It became a one star system after a collision that was extremely violent and this event created the comets, asteroids and allowed Jupiter to swallow huge amounts of hydrogen.

21 Jul 2011
A Twisted Tale of our Galaxy

At ... a press release from NASA on the discovery by the Herschel Space Observatory that the Milky Way is not quite like how it was thought to be - and neither is the centre of the galaxy quite where it is supposed to be. An abstract and pdf version of the Astrophysical Journal Letters study is online at and more information can be found at and 

20 Jul 2011
Earth's internal heat

At there is a nice three page read on current views regarding the source of earth's internal heat - using temperature measurements from 20,000 boreholes around the world in order to estimate that some 44 trillion watts of heat continually flow out of earth's interior into space. Where does it come from? Half of it comes from radioactive decay, it claims - but what about the other half?