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1 Apr 2012
Scaring the Proles

Poetry and climate science pragmatism ... see is the piece that comes from Sleepalot, the pseudonym of one of the commenters at the site.

1 Apr 2012

The Italian physicist at the head of the team that made the unwelcome claim neutrinos may travel faster than the speed of light, thereby upsetting large numbers of other physicists seriously in thrawl of the Einstein theory, has resignedd after calls for him to be dismissed. They really did not like the idea it seems - see However, we are assured (but for how long I wonder) that another test is still on schedule for later in the year.

1 Apr 2012
Jupiter and Ammonia

At ... computer simulation of the July of 2009 impact event, picked up by an amateur astronomer the following day, has tried to find out what size and composition of object it would have taken to achieve what was observed the day after it happened. The amateur alerted mainstream astronomers and telescopes were turned to fix on Jupiter - so quite a bit of evidence was in fact accumulated.

1 Apr 2012
Corals and the end of the Ice Age

Coral off Tahiti shows a dramatic and rapid rise in sea level of around 14m at 14,600 years ago - at the onset of the Bolling warm period (following the end of the Oldest Dryas event or Heinrich event number One). A similar thing happened at the end of the Younger Dryas event, it is thought - or something very similar. It is being interpreted as evidence of a major mega-flood event, caused by the rapidly melting ice sheets thought to have existed across the top of the northern hemisphere - see

31 Mar 2012
Domesticating cattle ... and the Wrangel Island mammoths

At ... there are over a billion cows in the world today but a paper in Molecular Biology and Evolution claims there were just 80 head of them at the start of the Holocene - all on the basis of DNA extracted from cows at one archaeological site in Iran.

30 Mar 2012
The Sun is turning ...

The Sun is still active and that large sunspot cluster will rotate towards the Earth later during April. It is still spitting CMEs apparently - see video at ...another web site also has an interesting video and discussion - see

30 Mar 2012

At    the legend of Naymlap, founder of a dynasty in ancient Peru, begins with his arrival in a fleet of balse rafts. He came with an idol made from green stone and installed it in a palace he built and went on to live a long and peaceful life. Eventually, he died and his followers regarded him as a god and expected him to return - but of course, this never happened.

30 Mar 2012
Foot bones ... unclean?

The unlikely web site, Small Business Newswire, ... has a Harvard archaeologist say that he had obsered during excavations in the Levant many foot bones of sheep, goats and cattle near ancient sanctuaries - particularly during the Middle Bronze IIB-C period. Does this mean hooves and feet of animals were in some way regarded as unclean? The idea is not exactly opposite to the Bible.

30 Mar 2012
The Sun and life on Earth

At Pierre Gosselin's blog ... scientists from Japan's Okayama Univerity claim the Sun influences coral reefs while at ... claims that low activity on the Sun in recent years has shifted the Gulf Stream.

29 Mar 2012
Lyres in the Celtic past

At ... at a cave on Skye a small burnt and broken piece of wood is exciting archaeologists. It is part of the bridge of a lyre - and it dates to the first millennium BC. The 'expert' consulted by the BBC reporter, from Cambridge University, appears to be surprised by this - that complex music, song and poetry could have existed in the darkest moments of the Iron Age period.