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29 Mar 2012
Comets ... Halley as Jupiter

At ... is Comet Wild2 subject to space weathering, is the question being asked, but it is a reference to a rusty red colouration on its surface. Microfocus Spectroscopy has shown Wild2 has been bombarded by particles in the solar wind and by micrometeorites for a long time, depositing grains of iron and reddening the surface (or that is the current thinking).

29 Mar 2012
Lightning and free neutrons

At ... after a quarter of a century of denying Russian research, scientists in the West have at last acknowledged lightning can cause free neutrons. As they have been in denial for so long it is no surprise they are saying these are soft neutrons - not the big strong neutrons that will cause them sleepless nights. However, they have opened the drawbridge, EM Smith counters, and a lot of new ideas will flourish.

29 Mar 2012
Astro-archaeology .. it's still breathing, just

At ... it seems researchers at Nottingham Trent University have been looking at the Gardom's Edge standing stone, a 4000 year old slab of stone in a triangular shape as if it is pointing at something. It is just a couple of metres tall but the monument's striking right angle slants up towards the geographic south. The orientation and inclination of the shape it aligned to the altitude of the Sun at mid-summer.

29 Mar 2012
Electric Saturn and Cracking Ice Cap

At ... Cassini looks at Saturn's nightside aurora and its electric current system (with images) while at ... news that the West Antarctic peninsular ice shelf is cracking up - from NASAs 'Operation Ice Bridge' (utilising 40 years of satellite data). The paper was published in the Journal of Glaciology but see also

28 Mar 2012
The Moon, African genes in Europe, and the Rift.

A paper in Nature Geoscience, March 26th - see - claims the composition of the Moon is much like that of the Earth for it to have an origin outside elsewhere.

26 Mar 2012
Bonebed in India and Malays on the sail

At ... Indian sources report the discovery of a fossil graveyard of repltiles embedded in a layer of mudstone in central India. There are hundreds of fossilised bones from the Upper Triassic in the bonebed - reptiles that thrived prior to the emergence of the dinosaurs. Palaeontologists suggest they had gathered near a river when a flash flood drowned them.

26 Mar 2012
Humans in N America during the Ice Age?

It's all starting to spill out as the Clovis theory takes another stumble. A Canadian scientist analysed animal remains found in Ohio and claims a leg bone of an extinct giant ground sloth had been butchered - one of those notoriously difficult kind o interpretations that we might expect to have some kickback in the future - see Cut marks on the bones have been analysed and it seems they represent human action.

26 Mar 2012
Harmony in the solar system

A paper by Nicola Scafetta in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics is bound to get alarmists in a tangle - see ... the abstract of the online paper says the Schwabe frequency band of the Zurich sunspot numbers between 1749-2011 is found to contain three major cycles in periods of 9.98, 10.9 and 11.86 years. The frequencies appear to be closely related to the spring tidal periods of Jupiter and Saturn, and the tidal sidereal period of Jupiter.

26 Mar 2012
Turin Shroud

At ... is an interview by Peter Stanford of Thomas de Wesselow, a Cambridge academic who has been fascinated by the Turin Shroud since he was a boy. It begins with a brief history of the shroud, in modern times, and the debunking of it by a C14 date that was medieval. Wesselow was forced to give up his career as in academia the Shroud is seen as toxic. No one wants to open the can of worms.

26 Mar 2012
Sahara Sand

Gary has sent in a couple of links that people may find stimulating - Sahara sand under the microscope. See and

The mystery is there are micrometeorites in sand - in desert soils, in beach sand, and in glaciers. The deposition of micrometeorites can be found vritually anywhere - even in downpipes from the gutter of your house. Iron micrometeorites can be found with a magnet.