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20 May 2011
Staying with the Sun ...

Another web site or blog that is interesting for those into the Electric Universe theory - see It seems that beneath the photosphere the surface of the Sun is solid - not gaseous. It goes on to say that Birkeland said this nearly 100 years ago. His early laboratory research with an electrified iron sphere suspended in a vacuum created images remarkably similar to modern satellite x-ray images of the Sun (with pictures). 

20 May 2011
A storm on Saturn, dark energy is real, and a fractal Sun

At we learn that ESOs Very Large Telescope and NASAs Cassini spacecraft have been looking at a huge storm in the upper atmosphere of Saturn (see also NASA news release May 19th 'Cassini and Telescope see violent Saturn storm' and the full story at and ). It created a gigantic violent and complex eruption of bright cloud material which spread to encircle the entire planet.

20 May 2011
Biogas ... the latest green dream going bottom up

The story is at May 19th, 'German Biogas plants produce deadly botulism - could be catastrophic to wildlife' - the wildlife element comes in as the story was blown by a shooting and country magazine. It seems the push to produce green electricity via biogas is looking hazardous. The lid has been kept on the subject for 10 years - by politics and by environmentalists.

19 May 2011
The ozone hole is off the radar - why?

The discovery of an ozone hole a couple of weeks ago was all over the doomsaying news - but not anymore. Why? Its because the ozone hole has gone away (see May 18th). EM Smith suggests the ozone hole is driven by external forces such as UV from the Sun, Birkeland currents from the Sun, and possibly even cosmic ray variations. He says it seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with the distribution of gases in the upper atmosphere - such as CFCs.

19 May 2011

An Egyptian mummy has created a medical stir - but will it upset all those trendy theories about cholesterol. The story is at and revolves around the mummy of Ahmose-Meyet-Amen, an 18th dynasty princess. She died of heart disease as a result of atherosclerosis - hardening of the arteries. If she had lived in the modern world she would have required a by pass operation.

19 May 2011
University of Maryland conference - speakers

At there is a page now on the conference and details of what is hoped to be the agenda.

18 May 2011

A little geological history of the Bering Straits or Land Bridge is available at ( ). Whenever sea levels in the region dropped by 50 metres below the present position the land surfaced. The dates when this happened have been difficult to establish precisely simply because at the moment the region is submerged. In general terms it is thought Beringia was exposed between 60,000 to 25,000 years ago. During the Late Glacial Maximum, 25,000 to 18,000 years ago, it is thought Beringia was cut off both in the east and in the west.

18 May 2011
Isaac Vail

At there is a brief mention of the man. I came across him many years ago when I took out a year's subscription to Donald Cyr's Stonehenge Viewpoint magazine  under the false impression it would be all about the stone circle. Instead, the water canopy theory of Isaac Vail was the main focus of articles - and Stonehenge played a very minor role. Basically it involved the earth being girdled by a doughnut looking structure of ice crystals - the firmament of Genesis 1:6-8.

18 May 2011
The Indus Valley Civilisation

At there is a history of the Indus Valley civilisation with a timescale I find somewhat odd - but it might be just my imagination. I've noticed on several past occasions that dates for the Indus Valley civilisation seem to have shifted - forwards in time.

18 May 2011
Newsplash - Wal and Dave are appearing on Coast to Coast radio on May 18th

A news flash from and for the information of American members of SIS, and anyone interested, Wal Thornhill and David Talbot are to appear on Coast to Coast radio at 11.00pm to 2.00am Pacific Time, this evening May 18th (it is already evening over here in the UK but there are some hours to go in the US). They will be speaking and answering questions on the Electric Universe hypothesis. On July 6th - 9th there is a conference at the University of Maryland on the Electric Universe which is advertised as a leading piece at ...