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11 Feb 2018
Leaky Atmosphere Mars

This is the headline in a couple of news sources - the leaky atmosphere of Mars. See for example ... is about the way Mars lacks a magnetic field of note and that is generally thought to be the reason why it has a thin atmosphere - most of it lost to space as a result of being buffeted by the solar wind. New data from ESAs Mars Express spacecraft shows how ionisation plays a prominent role in safeguarding the planet. Magnetic fields are thought to protect planets - but is this just an assumption that may be overstated.

12 Feb 2018
Toba Failing

Seems like the Toba super volcano eruption 74,000 years ago is looking weaker. Not only is there evidence it had little to effect people in India we now have evidence of the same in eastern Africa. No sign of an environmental crisis it would seem. Go to ... but I suppose one might argue over the dating methodology that was used. Do they have evidence of a downturn at some other period?

15 Feb 2018
Sun Spot Erupts

Sun spots have been in short supply of late and even when they have provided a CME it has been weak. Same may  be true of this one - go to for info. The sun spot exploded a couple of days ago and will arrive today, 15th February 2018. See the short video below ...

16 Feb 2018
Green Desert

Gary sent in this link - ... ancient rock art discovered in Saudi Arabia shows over 6000 depictions of life when the desert was green. Wildlife abounded in northern Arabia up to 6000 years ago. Some of the rock art dates back as far as 10,000 years ago when the desert was teeming with animals, rivers flowed, and there was abundant vegetation.

18 Feb 2018
Dutch Mesolithic

At .... the oldest Dutch work of art goes back to the Mesolithic era - dating from around 13,500 years ago and consisting of a severed bison bone dredged up from the bottom of the North Sea. The bone was covered in a geometrical design, mostly zig zags. What is more important is the admission by archaeologists they did not record artifacts from the North Sea bed until recently. They were compartmentalised as Out of Context - and archaeologically invalid as a useful item.

18 Feb 2018
Soft Tissue Fossils

This story is at ... firstly, these kind of fossil are few and far between. The fossil record is mostly about the preservation of hard sections of the body - shells, bones, teeth etc. I was looking at some fossils of marine Pleisosaurs the other day and all that was dug out of the rock was the vertebrae and joint bones (although some smaller bones can be found). This is what we mostly know about dinosaurs - the skeletons. That is, until recently, when some of the soft parts have turned up.

18 Feb 2018
Growing Black Holes

Like the five magic beans of Jack the Giant Killer, black holes just keep on growing, threatening to outgrow their galaxies (out performing the production of new stars). For this see

19 Feb 2018
Marine Hunting

Gary sent in this link. At ... using harpoons and rafts humans hunted whales off the shore of South America. The hunt was frozen in time - painted on rocks in what is now the Atacama desert. Whales, swordfish, sea lions, and sharks wee depicted - all fearsome creatures if you are stuck on a flimsy raft in the ocean. Were they really hunting for food? What other reason for the rock art might be considered?

22 Feb 2018
Negev Rock Art

Javan sent in the link ... rock art in the Negev - has it anything to do with the Exodus story? A chain of holy mountains with painted rock art on them has led to Yehuda Rotblum, author of 'Rock Art in Israel', to suggest this region was where the Exodus tribes wandered 40 years in the Wilderness (or something like that).

22 Feb 2018
Wince when Saint Rachel is chimed

This phrase is used by Risk Monger in the second of the links below. The first link concerns the use of pesticides and the hullabaloo around the issue. The second link is more general and concerns the environmental movement in general and how politicians appear not to wish to tread on their toes. Squeamish politicos are all to common and in the EU squeamish bureaucrats are all part of the problem - courtesy of lobby groups and the Green Blob. Saint Rachel is a reference to Rachel Carson who wrote a book in the 1960s that racked up the anti-pesticide movement to full throttle.