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10 Jun 2011
Orkneys in the Ice Age and Egypt in the Neolithic

At ... there is a report on an amateur archaeologist discovering a Palaeolithic stone axe on a beach in Orkney. It was so old that it had become part of the geology of the islands. A University of Aberdeen archaeologist says it is anywhere between 100,000 and 450,000 years of age - and presumably is being dated to one of the inter-glacial periods.

10 Jun 2011
Update on solar flare June 7th

Piers Corbyn, at is now saying it's effects were negligible as it was not a face-on event (it was not facing towards the earth) which appears to be a reasonable diagnosis.This, he emphasizes, is ongoing research. Interesting to stay abreast of just how the Sun affects the earth via the solar wind.

10 Jun 2011
Jupiter - when young and sprightly

At ... NASA has a new model, as in a computer simulation, of how the early solar system may have formed in which the orbit of Jupiter once migrated towards the Sun and back outward again. It is likened to the course of a sailing boat when it tacks around a bhoy.

9 Jun 2011
Bits of In the News

At ... a paper published by PNAS by two Japanese scientists has traced back the domestication of rice to around 10,000 years ago - but in 2003 rice grains were discovered in Korea and dated 15,000 years ago. This seems to indicate purposeful breeding and the selective saving of seeds  may actually have predated major genetic change (in this instance a preference for shorter stems). The semi dwarf phenotype has been extensively selected during modern crop breeding as a desirable trait.

9 Jun 2011
The Sun and the climate

At which is a post that leans heavily on a paper in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics. It claims current global warming is very similar in extent to earlier episodes and an increased in solar activity over the last 400 years can explain it without invoking the greenhouse model. There are links to video and other web sites focussed on solar flares - and the enormity of them.

9 Jun 2011
Dark Matter, Triton, the eating habits of black holes and rogue black holes

At June 8th, there is a post on Dark Matter - the invisible stuff that is thought to fill the universe. It refuses to interact with light - and cannot be seen by optical instruments, does not reflect, emit, or absorb light. However, one garoup of scientists say they can see dark matter - searching for it in deep mines in Europe and North America. Rather, they think they have discovered a heartbeat - that may be dark matter.

9 Jun 2011
The Younger Dryas Impact hypothesis - update on the situation regarding Allen West

George Howard, at June 8th has been investigating the smeer against Allen West, the geologist at the centre of a controversy over his ability, credentials and an alleged criminal record. He was accused of being a criminal and imposter, or as George Howard puts it, a charlatan, by an ex-Nature journalist, Rex Dalton, on a blog posting. It seems that his so called criminal record does not actually exist. Not only that.

9 Jun 2011
Convergence July NPA Conference updates

At there is a page now on the NPA conference and details of what is hoped to be the agenda.

7 Jun 2011
Ancient Egyptian pollution

At ... a study of the lungs of aancient Egyptian mummies shows that particulates in the air were very little different to what they are tody. This is quite remarkable when you think of all the hype about air pollution and the poison supposedly spewed out by the burning of fossil fuels in power stations and automobiles. So one big question might be - what caused the air pollution in ancient Egypt?

7 Jun 2011
Eocene - tropical jungles thriving in what are now temperate zones

At is a report on a paper in the journal Science (June, 2011) that focuses on the Antarctic Circumpolar Current as a cause of the assumed global cooling 38 million years ago that led to the icing over of the southern continent. Up to this point, it seems, tropical jungle thrived in what is now the US Midwest, and Antarctica was temperate - with large numbers of marsupials. Was it still joined to Australia?