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30 Nov 2011
Climategate 2 ... even the Taurids get an airing

George Howard at discusses an email in the cache from Mike Baillie, a reviewer of an article that was denying a cosmic connection in contrast to his own theory. He makes no pretence of who he is and attempts to argue against the volcanic explanation. Its an interesting take on the peer review process.

30 Nov 2011
Celestial processions at ... guess where?

An interesting story concerning Stonehenge and its environs has emerged - see for example ... where it is said archaeologists from the University of Birmingham have found two large pits positioned on celestial alignments. It is being suggested these pits may have contained tall stones or wooden posts that were used to mark the rising and the setting of the Sun - and a procession associated with it.

30 Nov 2011
Early Human Footprints

One of the most controversial archaeological sites in North America is in the Mojave desert of California, in the low hills of the Calico Mountains. It displays evidence for the presence of tool making humans from at the latest, 200,000 years ago (see abd ). A few years ago they were arguing that Clovis were the first people in the Americas and now ....

30 Nov 2011
Some science at the edge

According to a paper in Astrophysics and Space Science by Dragan Hajdukovik contemporary physics has two cornerstones, namely General Relativity and the Standard Model of Particle Physics. General Relativity is our best theory of gravitation. The Standard Model is a collation of Quantum Field theories and claims that everthing in the universe is made from six quarks and six leptons (and their anti-articles) which interact through exchange of gauge bosuns . However, he says these two theories do not fit with certain observations .... go to

27 Nov 2011
Climategate 2

Another batch of emails has been released that add to and provide clarity to those emails released in 2009 shortly before the Copenhagen 'climate' feasting event. There is now another huge batch of emails trapped in cyberspace that cannot as yet be opened until the person responsible for the leak provides the password. The latest batch coincides with the upcoming Durban binge where the weather should be more agreeable than it was in Copenhagen - who can forget those fortuitous snow storms.

27 Nov 2011
Fishy tales and a lake in Gloucestershire that reached as far as Leicestershire

At is a case of jumping to conclusions. Whilst I have no problem with humans in boats 42,000 years ago actually catching big fish such as tuna is quite difficult - and as yet, unproven at that date.

24 Nov 2011
On the Pulse

Are pulsars giant permanent magnets? is the question being asked at with an image of a jet of plasma being ejected from on of its rotational poles - described as radiation. When the beams of material (radiation or plasma) are aligned towards the Earth instruments detect a pulse, hence what is otherwise known as a Neutron star is known as a Pulsar star. How do the magnetic fields of pulsars form and behave? It seems a new theory is suggesting pulsars are permanent magnets and surprisingly stable.

24 Nov 2011
Lightning in Space

Lightning in space ... interesting post at which suggests the ESA/ NASA spacecraft orbitting around Saturn, the Cassini mission, should swing its cameras away from the large storm affecting the surface and have a closer look at the lightning bolts it is emitting - upwards. Lightning storms on Jupiter and Saturn are one thousand times more powerful than on Earth - and the sprites may be worth looking at. 

21 Nov 2011
Neutrinos ... real or imagined?

David de Hilster, in 'The Neutrinos: Doomed from Inception'  published in the Proceedings of the NPA, College Park, MD 2011, begins by saying some scientists are attracted to the neutrino as it adds desirable characteristics to new theories. However, neutrinos are clearly linked to special relativity. If special relativity is fiction then the neutrino cannot exist. The author, de Hilster, leans on the work of Argentine physicist, Ricardo Carezani.

20 Nov 2011
Tall Bloke

At there is a post that covers a good deal of the ground e discussed at our recent Study Group get together in Willesden, the Andrea Rossi cold fusion experiment. The comments at the end of the post are also interesting. One refers to, also part of the discussion, and another one notes nickel is limited, also mentioned by Tony Haynes. Tall Bloke seems to think the Rossi experiment might be a scam - but he is not alone in this.