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12 May 2011
Hoyle from the Grave

At - it seems the Big Bang did not produce carbon yet life is carbon based. Where did it come from? A supercomputer simulation claims to have proved Fred Hoyle right. He suggested 50 years ago that carbon was made in stars from three helium nuclei or alpha particles. This has now been demonstrated - on a computer (published in the May issue of Physical Research Letters and see ).

12 May 2011

At 11th May - the story says that a relook at pottery from excavations at the site of Glastonbury Abbey in the 1950s has revealed some of it came from the Roman world - Italy, Spain, France etc., and belongs to the 4th and 5th centuries AD. This is another case of archaeology done but the report was never written up. The archive has languished in Swindon since the 1950s. 

11 May 2011
Lots on Neanderthals

For example, at there is a fascinating story about a Spanish cave that at some point during the Pleistocene became filled with soil, rocks, plant and animal remains and over time hardened into what is known as a breccia deposit. The breccia was found to be rich in fossils and Paleolithic artifacts and the deposit has been dated between 75,000 and 60,000 years ago.

10 May 2011
Jet Stream ... pictures of a sky serpent?

At there are some new images. Scroll down to near the bottom and you will see photographs of the Jet Stream overhead from a variety of locations. As such, these were pictures taken in modern situations but what might the jet stream have looked like in enhanced atmospheric conditions. For example, one picture shows an ash cloud from a volcano drifing into the jet stream and darkening it. What might happen during a catastrophic episode?

10 May 2011
Alternative sky serpents

Alternative sky serpents include enhanced aurorae (as advocated by Rens van der Sliujs on ) or comets (Clube and Napier used this idea in the title of their book, The Cosmic Serpent, Faber and Faber:1982). Whereas the jet streams are associated with atmospheric phenomena (storms, weather patterns that stick, heavy persistent rainfall etc) and aurorae are visual and sometimes viewed with awe and wonder.

10 May 2011

Doomsaying is a noteable feature of the medical world - report after report telling us for instance that cholesterol was a bad thing as it clogs up arteries and results in heart attacks. However, in recent months we have just got used to the idea that there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol - and we must not eat this or that, especially certain kinds of fats. Now we have news that bad cholesterol might not be so bad after all - and is an essential of a healthy life (see ). 

10 May 2011
Tree rings and El Ninos

Tree rings, including bristlecone pines, have been used by climate scientists as a useful took, claiming they show past temperatures. Mike Baillie, a dendrochronologist begs to differ - he has publically said they do not (and others have periodically pointed out that tree rings are affected by a variety of factors, such as precipitation rates, and where individual trees might be situated - within a forest and surrounded by aged trees, or in an open position without any competition) - and so on.

8 May 2011
The Gulf of Mexico in 1600BC

This is a bit of a fanciful story but is based on a series of hard facts - interspersed with some speculation. For starters the date is significant, closely following the 1628-5BC low growth tree ring event - but what was happening in the Gulf of Mexico? At there is a four page article that begins by saying that around 1600BC  there were many unexplained cultural changes in the basin of the Gulf of Mexico.

7 May 2011
Japanese lingual origins

An article in the New York Times (see ) reports on research into Japanese language origins, tracing it the arrival of wet rice farmer around 400BC via Korea. They are known as the Yayoi but the actual route of immigration is a bit of a puzzle as they would first have had to colonise the relatively cold climate of Korea before moving south into Japan.

7 May 2011
Cosmic Magnetic Fields

At is a story derived from Universe Today, on cosmic scale magnetic fields



It notes that astronomers tend to button up when such large magnetic fields are mentioned - and generally ignore their presence. Reason? Lack of an explanation.