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2 Jul 2020
Black Hole Glut

A bounty of new papers on black holes has struck this month for some reason. At ... to find a black hole start with Jupiter - and gravity. Or to put it in another context - to find a black hole seek out gravitational waves (the new kid on the block). Black holes, we are told, are regions of pure gravity formed from warped space time. Gravitational waves are ripples in space time. When black holes orbit each other in pairs they radiate gravitational waves that deform space time, stretching and squeezing etc.

2 Jul 2020
Solar Radiation Patterns

A more interesting idea is at ... data from serveral NASA mission spacecraft show that wind created by high speed particles, the solar wind, with an origin on the sun, can cause the tail of the earth's protective bubble to flap like a wind sock in a stiff breeze. This movement can pull the tail out of line and expose the moon to charged particles from the solar wind. This is important as far as future moon landings and missions are concerned.

1 Jul 2020

William sent in a link to ...but see also ...

1 Jul 2020

William sent in a link to ...but see also ... this concerns the conflict of interest between geologists over the K/T event. Was it the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs or was it volcanism. This new study favours the asteroid.

30 Jun 2020
Bronze Age Globalism

Not strictly globalism, as in the modern world, which is corporatist, but something like that - according to ... was there a viking age in Scandinavia 2000 years prior to the vikings? This is a great link and an interesting hypothesis. As many as 90 per cent of all Bronze Age petroglyphs in Norway feature boats, both small and large.

29 Jun 2020
UFOs and Solar Activity

Interesting  post at ... mysterious lights may be a geomagnetic link to earthquakes. Paul Devereux wrote a couple of books a few decades ago on the subject of Earth Lights and their association with seismic phenomena. It seems that he might at last be recognised as providing an intuitive theory on UFOs and what they might mean. Or at least the kind of lights that pulsate and move and dart around as seen by many eyewitnesses over the years.

29 Jun 2020
Sun Spot Cycle

Tall Bloke again. At ... motions in the Sun are said to reveal the inner workings of the sunspot cycle. We are told ionised gas, or plasma, moves towards the poles of the surface of the Sun as well as towards the equator, at the base of the convection zone (see also ...). The Sun's magnetic activity follows an 11 year cycle. Over the course of those 11 years the activity comes - and it goes.

29 Jun 2020
Norwegian Fishing Site

William sent in this link - ... archaeologists in Norway claim to have found well preserved gear from fishermen that lived 5000 years ago - along with a lot of blue fin tuna remains. A farmer first came across it in the 1930s whilst digging out a deep drainage ditch in a field. Even the bones of a killer whale emerged - and lots of fish hook and harpoons made of bone.

29 Jun 2020
Giant Black Holes

It is assumed by cosmologists that matter falling into a black hole is accelerated and compressed until it is virtually destroyed inside the so called 'event horizon.' This process is thought to create quasars, we are told, rings of hot dust and gas which are the thought to encircle black holes. According to a recent report, a distant object in the far universe, dating back shortly after Big Bang (or the big expansion event) must host a black hole that is described as a monster. Why?

26 Jun 2020
Global Magnetic Anomaly

At (June 26th 2020) as we are still in solar minima, in transit between two solar cycles, earth's magnetic field has been relatively quiet. On June 23rd inmstruments picked up a magnetic anomaly reports Stuart Green of Preston. For over 30 minutes the local field oscillated like a sine wave (see link above for graph). No sign of any solar wind eruptions reported from NOAA. Nothing. The same oddity was picked up in Norway by another amateur researcher using a magnetometer.