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24 Apr 2011
Follow the Dosh

This story was big on the blogosphere a year or so ago but it seems a Telegraph 'investigative' journalist has caught up with reality and cottoned on that big money lies at the root of AGW propaganda. See (and the comments are really worth reading - very illuminating) and the same story but with less genteel charm is up at which is hard hitting and from a hack of many years experience.

23 Apr 2011
Tsunami markers

Tsunami is a Japanese word and they have been a feature of Japan's history for as long as it can be gleaned. Previous inhabitants left stone markers showing where the tsunami wave reached. They had various inscriptions warning of the link between tsunami and earthquakes (see ) but modern Japanese people had been lulled into a false sense of security with sea walls and other structures designed to hold back water.

23 Apr 2011
that Derbyshire hill fort ... again

At is the archaeological story of the excavations 9and you can actually read the excavation reports at ). The discovery of 9 bodies, over 2 years, consisting of a pregnant female,  a teenage boy, 2 other women, a young child and 4 babies were found in a ditch  that had been been filled in with rubble from ramparts that had apparently purposely been toppled over.

23 Apr 2011
Oil Leaks

Oil leaks into the oceans all the time - naturally. Pierre Gosselin at a German blog, asks 'Where is the Oil? Deepwater Horizon one year later' - it seems bacteria have been feasting on the crude. The day before, April 21st, he has a spat about the five worst environmental disasters that never actually happened - in spite of the hype of doomsayers of the day. This makes you wonder about the hysteria generated over Deepwater Horizon, which had an air of irrationality inherent within the doomsayings of the day.

22 Apr 2011
Kerguelen, and drumlins

The idea of the geoid readjusting itself as a result of changes in the axis of rotation may not be acceptable to academic geology but it might explain a story in New Scientist 20th February 1999. An ancient land in the Southern Ocean is a geological fact of life. The Kerguelen Plateau, situated between Australia and the Antarctic, has on at least three occasions been dry land. Marine geologists discovered this piece of continental shelf system was formerly above sea level as sediments were found containing plant spores, seeds, pollen, fragments of wood and charcoal.

21 Apr 2011
NASA electricity in space video

At on April 20th, NASA is releasing the first images and sounds of an electrical connection between Saturn and one of its moons, Enceladus - as collated by the Cassini spacecraft. An analysis of the data will be published in Nature but to see the video with sound go to or (click on Saturn and Enceladus electrical link video)

21 Apr 2011
Jet Streams as dragons of old

At it is suggested the jet streams were anciently more visible and they were likened to encircling serpents in the sky. This idea is another twist in interpretation of myth. We have had comets as sky dragons and aurora as undulating serpents and now we have the jet stream as an alternative. These are narrow currents of air between the troposphere and the stratosphere, the web site says, and they were more pronounced in the past as a result of dust and debris captured in the upper atmosphere.

21 Apr 2011
The Ozone Hole - an early manifestation of Global Warming doomsaying?

The environmentalists extravaganza over the so-called ozone hole in the 1970s and 1980s led to the banning of an efficient refrigerant that was replaced by an inefficient one - and millions of pounds of western subsidies found their way to countries such as China. For example, CFCs enabled one to locate a freezer in the garage if space was limited but this is not advisable with the new refrigerants hoisted on to the consumer by the green lobbyists. It all went quiet for a number of years as environmentalists switched tune and began the long-winded process of hyping AGW.

20 Apr 2011
The massacre ... just nine skeletons

BBC News April 19th was full of it - our Iron Age ancestors were really bloodthirsty brutes and a finger was pointed at the discovery of skeletons in a ditch of a hill fort in Derbyshire. One was given the impression there were hundreds of bodies of women and children thrown haphazardly into the ditch but it seems the story was embroidered by the journalist or an editor. It speculated on what might have happened to the menfolk, for instance, and the general gist conveyed was that as prisoners of war they had been sold into slavery.

19 Apr 2011

At some computer retrocalculation software of the sky at night has shown that the constellation Draco, the dragon, would have been above the acropolis and its temple in mid first millennium BC. This is when Athens was at its apogee and people celebrated the birth of Athena with festivities and athletic games and contests. Astronomy may have been a part of the process, it is hypothesized, and Draco was highly visible one or two hours after sunset, it seems.