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6 Nov 2011
Woodworking Neanderthals

At ... the Mousterian refers to Neanderthal stone culture - or stone tools found in the ground. A Neanderthal site in France has preserved organic features including a partly burn wooden implement. Until now the possibility of Neanderthals and Homo Erectus with wood working skills has rarely been mentioned - and is generally passed over. This find may change minds.

6 Nov 2011
Who might be pressing the SIS button - comets and catastrophe

At ... 13,000 years ago Earth may have been struck by multiple Tunguska sized cometary fragments over the course of about an hour, according to astronomer Bill Napier of the Cardiff University Astrobiology Centre. It led to the dramatic cooling of the Younger Dryas event. His paper, published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, has been out for over a year - but some people are just picking up on it.

5 Nov 2011
Egyptian statuary

At http://popular-archaeology/com/issue/september-2011/article/royal-statua... (if link does not work go to and scroll down for the article) ... is a nice subject that illustrates the differences in culture in Egypt between the 3rd and 2nd millenniums BC. There are noticeable changing trends and fashion in statuary - and in the underlying religion and view of kingship. It was evolving. One major trend was the development of portraiture - and naturalism in art.

5 Nov 2011
The dark one, the bright one, and a volcano that has popped up on the sea bed off the Canaries

A huge asteroid will fly past the earth on Tuesday November 8th, some 400m in girth. It is very dark - the colour of charcoal. It also seems to be porous - see

The bright one is the currently active Sun. One region is alive with sun spots that are currently pointing away from the Earth. Within a week or so the orbit of the Sun will bring them into alignment with the Earth - but will they remain as active? See

4 Nov 2011
'The Troy Deception'

In the book, 'The Troy Deception, volume One: Finding the Plain of Troy', John Crowe has mustered some 300 pages of text that are easy to read and understand what he has to say. He is not saying he has found the city of Troy - it is Homer's 'theatre of war', the plain of Troy, that he considers he has identified. It lies in the region known once as Mysia, around Teuthrona and Pergamon. This is where the Achaean Greeks first fought on Asian soil - before going on to Troy.

3 Nov 2011
The jawbone in a cave

Kents Cavern in Torquay in SW England is famous for the discovery of numerous Ice Age mammals. Mixed in with these bones was the jawbone of a human. It is assumed to be that of a modern human - for anatomical reasons. It might well be otherwise. In the 1980s it was dated by C14 methodology to around 35,000 years ago - which was just about at the boundary C14 dating techniques was reliable. In fact, it was in that sort of plateau in which dates between 40,000 and 30,000 years ago are considered to be open to error.

2 Nov 2011
BEST on the fizzle

More on BEST and how it was collated, see with a hint there is a calibration problem in the methodology. The same subject is examined in an earlier post, the day before, at which is the nub of the problem.

2 Nov 2011
Ice Cores

Although this piece can be found at and therefore classifiable as climate change it also has a bearing on dating and chronology. Ice cores have been criticised out of hand by Charles Ginenthal and Emmet Sweeney for example, in SIS and related literature, as well as a raft of Creationist web sites and tracts. In particular, the story of WWII aeroplanes discovered buried under a very deep amount of snow has been used to deride the concept of ice cores.

2 Nov 2011
Gilgal Refa'im

Gilgal Refa'im, the wheel of giants, is a huge heap of stones in the form of a cairn on the Golan Heights, 65m in diameter and around 15m high. it sits at the centre of a concentric ring of stones - see . It is in a region known for its dolmens and in the Bible is associated with the 'bedstead of Og' - almost certainly some kind of megalithic tomb.

2 Nov 2011
Dark Matter - fact or fiction

The science of dark matter - or the theory that such a thing as dark matter is a real life fact is in the news - see Is anybody getting close to finding out what it is? The pieces then goes on to say dark matter is invoked to balance the mathematics - within a set of formulae which are already straining credibility by telling us 96 per cent of the universe is invisible and undetectable. However, dark matter also explains galaxies and galaxy clusters, it is thought.