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17 Oct 2011
Hotting Up ... solar system dynamics

At ... the effects on climate are expanded to include the solar system and the universe which are linked in what is called a common bowl of gravitational and magnetically connected and driven mass of ions and regular atoms. Mutual static repulsion keeps the stars separated just as mutual static epulsion keeps the neutralised moisture in a cloud from condensing. As the background cumulative charge gradient increases it reduces droplet size and polarises them.

16 Oct 2011
Electric Universe Conference 2012

The Thunderbolts World Conference on the Electric Universe: 2012 - you can now keep up to date at a web page devoted to what is on offer - go to 

16 Oct 2011

A beautiful piece with the title, 'Why Einstein was wrong about being wrong' is at and begins with the Theory of Relativity, a mathematical equation, and how it meant the universe was either expanding or contracting. Einstein went on to tweek the theory and adopted the 'cosmological constant' in order to counteract gravity. Some years later Edwin Hubble found the universe was in motion and this led, after some deliberation, to the Big Bang Theory.

16 Oct 2011
Seaweed and Human migrations

At there is a quite good overview of the currently acceptable alternative migration route into the Americas, the so called seaweed trail. A continuous belt of offshore seaweed stretches from Alaska to Chile and it is thought that in earlier times, when the Bering Land Bridge was above sea level, this trail of seaweed wound its way all around the rim of the North Pacific - to as far as Japan (and possibly even further south).

14 Oct 2011
Dawn Update

NASA has released further information about its DAWN mission to the asteroid Vesta - see Vesta's surface has striking diversity in its composition, the spokesman is quoted as saying, particularly around craters. DAWN is now orbiting 420 miles above Vesta and is sending back images of high altitude mapping data (see also videos at

14 Oct 2011
Smooth faced rocks and electric fields that turn liquids into solids

Two very interesting stories, one is geological and the other, physics. At - it seems that rocks and boulders rubbing against each other can produce smoothing - something normally attributed only to water action. Bumping and grinding in response to the earth shaking in its bowels creates a smooth surface over time - just as rocks and boulders being jostled by water, in rivers, on coasts (by the tides) and during flash floods etc. In this instance the process was visibly taking place - in a dry desert at high altitude.

13 Oct 2011
Did a comet cause the New Madrid earthquake in 1811?

Tony Hood is the author of a book, 'Kalopin's Legacy, 1811: A comet and a Quake' which is an interesting theory connecting the devastating 1811 New Madrid earthquake in North America with the passage of a comet that loomed very large in the night sky, a comet that was visible for 260 days and at one point appeared to be one and a half times the size of the Sun. This means that it was a comet that came relatively close to the Earth - closer than the average cosmic intruder. See for documents and links to the book and the story.

13 Oct 2011
Speed of Light

It seems some scientists are worried the general public are not up to understanding what science is all about - and fearful of the way the media presented the hullaballoo over the CERN discovery that neutrinos may travel faster than light - see Sounds a bit like those politicians that have no faith in the democratic process. 

The Speed of Light is also the subject at - time dilation is taken into account.

13 Oct 2011
Megalithic Star Watching

It seems cosmic alignments are still in vogue in Germany. They have not been stifled in the same manner as in the UK - or so it would seem. At we are told there is a huge early Celtic calendar construction within the royal tombs of Magdalenenberg in the Black Forest. The order of the burials around the central royal tombs fits exactly, according to a computer simulation,  with the constellations as seen in the sky above Germany.

11 Oct 2011
Comets and Asteroids

At which is the same story post last week - with a twist.