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16 Jun 2011

The Roman Warm Period that began in around 200BC and lasted until the 3rd century AD seems to have had an effect on tropical Africa as well (not necessarily as far as climate is concerned but in so far as the flowering of culture has been ascertained).

16 Jun 2011
Bats, the furry things, and Vikings, the bearded ones

At www, there is an abstract of an article in Current Biology on bat fatalities near wind turbines, and one of the causes is called barotrauma - rapid air pressure reduction changes that creates damage to their lungs due to an expansion of air in the lungs that is not accommodated by the appropriate exhalation. Contact with blades was perhaps responsible for half the bat fatalities but barotrauma was a strong secondarily cause.

15 Jun 2011
Magnetic Ropes and Solar Storms

George Mason University scientists have discovered that giant magnetic ropes are the cause of solar storms. Jie Zheng and Xin Cheng used images from the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft. It seems they are a long suspected process but could not previously be seen as the ropes moves extremely quickly. Magnetic ropes trigger solar eruptions which send charged plasma into space. When the magnetised cloud reaches earth a huge amount of energy comes into contact with the magnetosphere of the earth.

15 Jun 2011
Solar doomsaying

It seems the sceptic blogosphere is doing a bit of doomsaying of it's own over the last few days - latching on to a controversial claim that the next Sun cycle (we are only half way through the present one) will be void of sun spots - like the Maunder Minimum of the Little Ice Age. We don't know but some sceptics are getting excited - if the world enters a new very cold phase of climate that might put to bed AGW but it will be a tragedy. Cold is a killer - unlike warm weather, which is a blessing.

14 Jun 2011
Art and Science

More information on the upcoming Electric Universe conference on July 6-9th in Maryland, the US of A.

14 Jun 2011
Earthquakes and Volcanoes

At Piers Corbyn has a new set of dates for EQ or volcanic activity - between the 16th and 19th of June. Meanwhile, at reports on a volcano on the border of Eritrea with Ethiopia with a huge ash cloud - see space image on site. Nabro is located in the Danokil Depression and this is the second volcano to erupt in this region recentlywhich is part of the Rift Valley complex.

14 Jun 2011
Ogres and Dire Warnings

Recent AGW prognostications attempt to link every extreme weather event, volcano, or heat-wave - even out of season snow pack in North American mountains and June snow fall on the summit of Snowdon in the UK, as proof of global warming (disruption). As ludicrous as this obviously this it is going on - in shrill tones and a hectoring manner. It is quite reminiscent of pagan Roman reaction to the rise of Christianity.

13 Jun 2011
Indra - and Rig Veda

Ravindra Godbole's book, accessible at is some 340 pages long - a very big download. However, it is an extremely useful addition to the mythological library as his interpretation of Rig Veda is challenging as far as mythologists are concerned. Those who don't have trouble reading text online rather than printed copy will of course be at an advantage as there will be no need to actually download all those pages. Simply by reading one chapter a day, or even one chapter a week, might be more manageable, but make no mistake this book is remarkable.

13 Jun 2011
Continents - are they adrift?

At there is a provocative article on continental drift which questions some of the assumptions basic to Plate Tectonics theory. We forget that it is still a theory and assume it is a proven scientific concept - as it is consensus science. Read the article and you might be surprised by what is said. For example, what caused Plate Tectonics to be accepted as mainstream science was the discovery in the 1950s and 1960s of a series of magnetic stripes in the rocks on the seabed of the Atlantic Ocean.

12 Jun 2011
Ice Cores

It seems the Vostok ice core extracted from the Antarctic ice sheet goes back around 700,000 years - and even this is a calculation based on a number of variabilities. It came to an end near the rock basement. I can remember reading something similar about a Greenland ice core - so what is actually going on. The Antarctic ice sheet is thought to be immeasurably older - by millions of years. It is thought old ice is squeezed laterally away towards the sea - to melt.