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16 May 2018
Natural Geo-engineering

At ... geo-engineering may come to the aid of catastrophism it would seem. One of the geo-engineering ideas being touted at the moment by global warming alarmists is the reintroduction of the mammoth - bringing thse beasts back to life using DNA. Apparently, the belief that mammoths (very large elephants) lived in freezing conditions on the tundra is central to the idea. The fact that mammoths may have lived in a temperate steppe zone rather than in tundra conditions is left unquestioned.

16 May 2018
Worlds in Collision

Astronomy magazine (May 2018) had an article with the title, 'New Insights into How the Solar System Formed' - chaos and mayhem ensued, worlds in collision on a grand scale. This is a reference to the so called Late Heavy Bombardment theory. It seems that simply by repitition this has been morphed into fact. Oh dear, they then claim our solar system is somewhat unique in this respect as star systems studied elsewhere in the solar system do not seem to harbour chaos and mayhem on a par with our solar system.

18 May 2018
Ozone munching chemicals

At ... envrionmentalists, a somewhat blanket term but in this instance meaning CAGW enthusiasts with an agenda, still persist in the belief CFCs are destroying the ozone layer in spite of numerous studies that say it is the solar wind that disperses ozone in the upper atmosphere, are at it again - but in this instance they may be slapping themselves in the face. Apparently, they've discovered the Chinese, or a close neighbour of them, is disregarding the UN ban on the production of CFCs (that the environmentalists claim has healed the ozone hole).

21 May 2018

At ... physicists are currently speculating that decaying neutrons may be producing particles unknown to science - that make up the elusive dark matter. Exactly how long a neutron might live is also under debate. If neutrons decay into particles of dark matter it solves a big mystery as some cosmologists actually think dark matter makes up four fifths of all matter in the universe. Added to the protons and electrons the neutrons currently make up the visible universe, it is thought.

21 May 2018
supernova and life on earth

At ... could recent supernova explosions be responsible for mass extinctions - or some mass extinction events to be more precise. The story is in NASAs Astrobiology Magazine at ... In particular two lesser known extinction events (or part extinction events as opposed to globally significant events), at 2.5 and 8 million years ago. The idea being put out to fellow scientists is that supernova explosions may have depleted Earth's ozone layer. The one at 2.5 million years ago coincided with the end of the Pliocene era.

24 May 2018
Dinosaurs that swim

Robert sent in this link ... which is actually a few years old. At ... dinosaurs are usually thought to be great lumbering land animals, or perhaps with a fondness for a swamp. However, how such a beast managed to keep its huge tail aloft is a basic problem as no actual marks of tails touching the ground have ever been found fossilised - but marks of crocodile tails have been fossilised. The latter move along the ground of course but just keeping a big dinosaur's tail aloft was no mean feat.

27 May 2018
Planet Nine Update

At ... sent in by Jovan this is an update on the search for planet 9 and why a group of astronomers think there is another planet out there beyond the orbit of Neptune, somewhere in the Kuiper Belt. There must be a very big something much further out - according to Brown and Betygin of Caltech. They speculate it is ten times the size of the earth and has a 20,000 year orbit. Indeed, if they fail to find it soon they are thinking it has an even more elongated orbit.

27 May 2018

According to Ariel David (at Haaretz, July 23rd 2017) the Philistines of the Bible may not have an origin in the Agean - and may not be a sea people at all, but native to northern Syria - or somewhere close to that region. He quotes a professor from the Israel Museum in Jerusalm, one Shirley Ben Dor Evian, whose reasoning is quite interesting - but no doubt some historians can find some odd threads she has woven and tug at the ends of them in order to disentangle the web she has weaved.

28 May 2018
Jellyfish Sprites

At May 26th 2018 jeely fish sprites over Oklahoma ....

28 May 2018
Interstellar Interloper

At ... (link provided by Jovan). In a study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society; Letter, astronomers announced the discovery of the first interstellar object known to have taken up permanent residence in the solar system, an asteroid. It has a peculiar yet stable orbit. It is almost in perfect resonance with Jupiter yet travels in the opposite direction.