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29 Apr 2019
Meteor from another Star

Jovan sent in this link - ... did a meteor from another star strike the Earth's atmosphere back in 2014? Stars and planets routinely hurl smaller objects into inter stellar space as a consequence of orbital mechanics, we are told. The recent discovery of Oumuamua is a case in point - supposedly an interstellar object.

29 Apr 2019
Velikovsky Under Fire

It seems that not only has Velikovsky recently come under fire in SIS journals, particularly by one author who has a copy of Bob Forrest in one hand and his internet connection in the other, which has coloured some of our recent journals. Checking out Velikovsky's sources is becoming a habit as one of the latest Thunderbolts missives is also critical of Velikovsky's sources - go to ... which refutes the idea that the Aztecs referred to Venus as a smoking star (which sounds like a comet).

29 Apr 2019
Aliens and Philosophers

AGW has thrown up some crazy ideas and scaremongering but this one takes the biscuit, you might say. Are the lizards shedding their clothing. At ... an Oxford professor has said aliens have interbred with humans to produce hybrids which have a better chance of surviving a climate catastrophe (which is derived from ).

1 May 2019
Ice on Titan

A couple of links sent in by Jovan - go to ... and ... Titan is coming up with all kinds of surprises - courtesy of the Cassini mission. In a new research paper in Nature Astronomy we have a massive 'circle' of ice rich bedrock that spans almost halfway around the moon of Saturn. It stretches for a length of almost 4000 miles.

1 May 2019
Naked Eye Red Sprites

This story is at (30th April 2019) which could also have the title - how to look for sprites ...

6 May 2019
Insects and Bird Mincers

At .... it seems that not only do wind turbine rotor blades kill hundreds of birds and bats in their thousands upon thousands it is now being admitted they may have a devastating impact on migrating flying insect populations, killing not just millions but in Germany alone some 1200 billion of them (or in polite terminology, 1.2 trillion of them).

6 May 2019
A Boiling Sun

This refers not to boiling something in water but to the boiling point of heat, creating bubbles. At (May 3rd 2019) we are informed the Sun is boiling - even though there have been no sun spots for 12 days. However, the surface of the Sun is covered with convection cells and the Sun is so hot it literally boils. Bumps on the surface are called granules - which are convection cells ...

7 May 2019
Soft Tissue Fossils

Robert has sent in a number of links recently. This one involves the discovery of amino acids preserved in amber, apparently with an origin in feathers - see ... where the blog author has an ongoing theme on soft tissue preservation. He thinks it proves fossilisation took place much more recently than the uniformitarian timescale allows. However, transferring millions of years into a few thousand years is not acceptable to most people, either - but in the process he is airing problems the uniformitarians like to shovel under the carpet.

7 May 2019
Sun Spot with sound system

At (May 7th 2019) we learn about a potential earth directed CME emanating from the sun spot that has turned around to face the Earth over the last day or two. The sun spot has already puffed out some minor CMEs (into space rather than towards the Earth) but now we have the possibility of a plasma cloud approaching our atmosphere in the next couple of days. Last month another sun spot strafed the Earth with not just the solar wind but a loud shortwave radio burst (s).

8 May 2019

At ... a research paper in Scientific Reports (2019:9 (I) 10.1038/s41598-019-42670-4) claims there was a savannah grassland landscape in Borneo during the Late Pleistocene (presumably coinciding with the Late Glacial Maximum). Borneo is an equatorial forest in the modern world and has probably been that way for most of the Holocene. Savannah landscapes are usually located north or south of the tropical forest zone - in Africa for example.