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28 Dec 2010
Christmas Trees

At ... an interesting article by Rens van der Sluijs on illuminated christmas trees - and plasmoids.

24 Dec 2010
A tale of a finger bone and a tooth

This story has been on BBC News and you can read about it at a variety of blogs, including which is a report on a paper in the December 23rd issue of Nature about the fingerbone of a young girl found in a cave in southern Siberia and dated 30,000 years ago. She was neither a modern human or a Neanderthal but belonged, it is said, to a previously unknown human species - possibly hybrid.

24 Dec 2010
Woolly Mammoths in the Arctic Circle

At ... a paper in the journal Palaeography, Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoecology claims that woolly mammoths living north of the Arctic Circle in the Pleistocene epoch, in this instance between 150,000 and 40,000 years ago, began weaning infants up to 3 years later than modern day African elephants. Biologists looked around for a reason why this might have happened and this is what they decided.

23 Dec 2010
Dolmens in the Jordan Valley

At and ... dolmens going back to the 4th millennium BC in the Jordan Valley were in danger of being destroyed by mining operations but have now being reprieved by the setting up of an archaeological preserve.

23 Dec 2010
The YD boundary event splutters once again

The big news at this week is that a former critic of the YD boundary event has, out of nowhere, changed his mind - see Scribd paper available to download as a pdf document (5 pages). This turn around comes after Phil Cleays had said in a December 2009 paper (just 12 months ago) 'the geochemical story is finished; its over. There is nothing, no meteoritic signal.

22 Dec 2010
Ice Ages

The New York Times (see ) has picked up on the story of the Dead Sea sediment cores that are currently being drilled out of the middle of what is the world's deepest inland basin. The first bore hole is thought to have passed through four Ice Ages, some 400,000 years. The cores will be sent to Germany for analysis so the above date is a bit of guesswork.

22 Dec 2010
Oz and the weather

At ... we have some nice pictures of snow in Australia - in December. It's supposed to be summer down under but some icy gusts have swept up from the Southern Ocean and tickled the east coast states of NSW and Victoria. Ski resorts have benefited - so we are talking about high ground, the Snowy Mountains perhaps. Still, even in Sydney the temperatures are said to have fallen.

22 Dec 2010
Cosmic Microwave Background - what is going on?

A post at December 20th has the title, 'Epic Discovery Update: We are One of Many Universes', a story taken from a paper available at arXiv:1012.1995v1 on The Physics arXiv Blog, which purports to show four circular patterns in the cosmic microwave background. The authors suggest they are 'bruises' that occurred when our universe was expanding and bumped up against four other universes.

22 Dec 2010
A comet coming back into life?

At ... an asteroid with an orbit within, or crossing, the main asteroid belt, appears to be showing signs of revived life - leading to speculation that it might be a quiescent comet. The Catalonia Sky Survey Telescope was aimed on the asteroid belt when it came across a faint wispy tail surrounding a bright star like core. It was an asteroid known as Scheila, discovered over a hundred years ago.

22 Dec 2010
The Drying up of the Sahara

At ... a study of lake sediments from a dried up lake in northern Chad in the Sahara has shown evidence that the lake was dessicated by a slow process and progressively, beginning in around 6000 years ago (4000BC) and reaching the present condition around AD900. Geochemical and the analysis of sediments were done on a yearly basis to determine when the Sahara went dry.