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31 Jul 2010
Mitanni and Nuzi

Revision of history is rarely mentioned on In the News, mainly as it is a speculative subject. In addition, it is very often a personal creation that may not be in tune with what others have in mind. However, Barry Curnock (author of a couple of articles in SIS journals recently and a speaker at an SIS meeting in Redhill a couple of years ago) has just posted a short paper on Mitanni and Nuzi on the Eric Aitchison chronology thread in which members of SIS interact with each other (and non-members too).

30 Jul 2010
No big bang ... no beginning ... and no end.

At July 29th (see July 30th) ... Wan-Yi Shu has proposed a new class of cosmological model that may bit observations of the universe better than the current big bang model.

30 Jul 2010
A New Greenland Ice Core in the offing

At we learn that a drilling team has reached bedrock in Greenland after 5 years of boring through 2.5km of solid ice. What they want are sample from the core dating between 130,000 and 115,000 years ago during what is known as the Eemian warming (the last inter-glacial period). It is thought temperatures were a few degrees warmer than they are now so they want to know to what extent the Greenland ice cap shrank.

30 Jul 2010
A 25 Year Theory bears fruition

At ... in 1984 space pioneer Dr Robert Forward proposed a way of improving satellite telecommunications using a new family of orbits. His critics claimed it was impossible but now, engineers at the University of Strathclyde have proved Forward was right according to a paper in Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics. Satellites normally follow orbits based on Keplers law of orbital motion but a new family of orbits do not follow the same rules.

30 Jul 2010
Dunes on Titan

NASAs newsletter, at July 29th says the mystery of dune patterns on Titan might have been solved. Dune patterns flow in the opposite direction to the wind. Huge dunes sweep across vst sand seas at mid latitudes on Titan and the ridges generally run from E to W, in the opposite direction. It is thought the wind must in some way switch direction on occasions.

30 Jul 2010
A trawl of recent archaeology - small in themselves but fatter in the round.

Trevor Palmer has provided the response by Bob Porter on the Yahoo New Chronology Forum to the Science article on Bayesian C14 dating and its implications for Egyptian chronology - which were very little (see In the News a week or so ago). Bob Porter noted the Science article gave no references for the origin of the material tested - although at one point it does mention seeds from a foundation deposit of Hatshepsut's temple at Deir el-Bahri but no other details are provided.

29 Jul 2010
Earthquakes in Space and 'Spacequakes Rumble Near Earth' (with video clip, on both sites). Researchers making use of NASAs five THEMIS imaging spacecraft have discovered what they call 'space quakes' which are then described as 'space weather' with the 'punch of an earthquake'.

29 Jul 2010

Magnethydrodynamics is the subject of a web site at which it is claimed is 'closely related' to plasma dynamics. It involves the dynamics of matter moving in an electromagnetic field, especially where currents established in the matter by induction  modify the field. It involves conducting fluids, liquid and gas, but differs from plasma dynamics.

29 Jul 2010
Impact craters on the Moon

Go to ... by comparing modern images of the surface of the moon with images collected by Apollo missions in the 1970s it has been found five new craters have appeared in the past 40 years.

29 Jul 2010
Marden Henge update

The Guardian says archaeologists peeled back a thin layer of turf covering the henge which has miraculously escaped being ploughed up over the last 4,500 years and were astounded to find the undisturbed original surface just as it had been left when the people had tidied up after the ceremonial or community meal described a couple of days ago.