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17 Oct 2019
Little Ice Age Volcanism

An interesting study by Luigi Bragato and Hanspeter Holzhauser - on volcanism and cooling temperatures which create conditions for pandemics (plague, cholera and influenza), in contrast to warmer periods when there is economic expansion and a lower incidence of natural disaster and outbreaks of disease. The major claim is that volcanism can cause century wide cooling. Is the latter sentence true ? - go to ...

17 Oct 2019
Horses, and more Horses

Another good one from ... during the Late Glacial Maximum horses grazed in a forested landscape somewhat warmer than today's Arctic Alaska. In modern times the North Slope in Alaska, now north of the Arctic Circle, has a mossy tundra terrain and an absence of trees. Some 8 to 9000 years ago, the same region had both trees and many animal species that today lie 100s of km to the south.

19 Oct 2019
Ancient Weather and Solar Storms

William sent in this link. A Japanese research team claims the Ancient Assyrians referred to a solar storm even between 679 and 655BC as a cuneiform tablets mention an unusual red sky. It would indeed be unusual to see aurorae that far south which means a powerful CME was involved, overloading the ionosphere - see ... The Book of Maccabees also appears to refer to aurora phenomena - in the second century BC.

23 Oct 2019
Earth in Upheaval

Gary sent in the link to the  video - go to ... if you are a bit rusty on Velikovsky's book, Earth in Upheaval, here is a modern recap.

23 Oct 2019

Melanesians such as the Solomon Islanders, have an interesting history - even during WWII. However, when it comes to genetics, Melanesians appear to have genetic material, actually beneficial DNA, directly sourced from Denisovans (and therefore also from Neanderthals) according to a new study in the journal Science, (Oct 2019). Go to ... and apparently, these genes are not found in many other human populations (as far as is known to date).

23 Oct 2019
Missing Heat

Not sure what to make of this one. Is hype involved? It seems that Earth does not comply with the idea of a base temperature of around 16 degrees C. See for example ... average temperature is supposed to be around 16 degrees C but it is only 14.7 degrees C. It has been something similar for the last 20 years or so - and even earlier. What is going on?

25 Oct 2019
Holey holey

It seems the ozone hole has shrunk to a smaller size than it has been for many a day - or at least since scientists have started to monitor it (which isn't that long ago). It can hardly be an accident that it corresponds with a quiescent period on the Sun when sun spots have been few and far between - although the occasional hole on the surface has sent some mild projectiles of solar wind (plasma) in our general direction, providing us with the odd auroral display.

25 Oct 2019
Quaking in the Storms

Robert sent in this link ... and surprisingly the quakes are said to never occur between May and August. Some storm quakes also do not occur when the Earth is at its furthest point from the Sun. Is something else going on here? Robert is thinking along the lines of electro-magnetism as we know electric energy is part of tornadoes and hurricanes - and of course, electric storms.

26 Oct 2019
Iron Pyrites

This is a peculiar one - and comes courtesy of ... where we are informed the glacial cycles of the last couple of million years - a succession of cold periods interspersed with warm interglacials - may have an origin in the weathering of pyrite rocks. For knowledge of what pyrite actually is go to ... where we are told the mineral pyrite (also known as iron pyrites and quite commonly found in geological formations, including sediment layers). It is also known as fools gold and can form crystals.

26 Oct 2019
Fossil Trove Colorado

This one is quite good and has even been picked up by Clark Whelton (on his email list). At ... and concerns a fascinating fossil bed being investigated in Colorado which is said to date from not long after the K/T boundary event (which with a bit of twitching might even be said to have been laid down at the same time).