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29 Jun 2010
Magnetic Stripes on Mars

Go to June 28th ... to discover the latest attempt to explain magnetic stripes on Mars. It is not getting much support at the moment.

27 Jun 2010
Neutrino Experiments June 25th ... Neutrino experiments in an underground laboratory in Minnesota suggest neutrinos and anti neutrinos do not weight the same which might indicate the presence of an unknown force or a violation of Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity.

26 Jun 2010
Jill Eyers on Roman brothel in a des res village in the Thames Valley

Hambledon village, between Henley and Marlow, a short distance from the Thames Long Distance footpath, is an upmarket village with a nearby winery and toff food on offer, yet it has been hiding a secret. The presence of a brothel. In this instance the brothel is a Roman one and was attached in some way to a villa complex near the modern village - now under a field of growing barley. The story comes from BBC News and will shortly be the focus of a BBC2 programme.

26 Jun 2010
Warming event at 40,000 years ago June 24th ... is an interesting article on a rapid warming event 40,000 years ago, which is well documented in palaeo-climate science sources. However, what caused the warming is a matter of debate and this article disputes an earlier study that claimed methane released from ocean sediments was responsible, the co called 'clothrate gun hypothesis'.

26 Jun 2010
Copper exploitation June 26th ... pieces of copper slag from smelting activity have been found in Serbia dating back as early as 7000 years ago. This is 500 years earlier than any significant sign of metallurgy in the Middle East - namely, in southern Iran around 6500 years ago. The Journal of Archaeological Science has the paper and says that other sites in SE Europe date from 6000 years ago and the contemporary Vinca culture is famous for its metal objects, including copper vessels.

26 Jun 2010
Electric Earth Quakes

The role of electricity in earthquakes is still part of the Thunderbolts forum at There is a linke to a couple of papers such as one at by Friedemann Freund in which he outlines some of the difficulties. The problem is getting the electrons out of the deep crust as they need to hitch a ride.

26 Jun 2010
Tutankhamon - another theory on the cause of death June 25th reports on a German theory that rejects malaria as the cause of death but blames sickle cell disease (quoting a letter written to the Journal of the American Medical Association by a couple of medical scientists).

26 Jun 2010
The consensus opinion of myth June 21st has an excellent post by Rens van der Sliujs on the scholarly evidence of similarities between cultures - sometimes from opposite sides of the planet. He says there is an ingrained prejudice against looking for similarities - and what is thought to be good scholarly work is for somebody in a specialised field to discover oddities peculiar to that culture and the period of time being researched. The fact that there might have been lots of similarities with other cultures is ignored.

26 Jun 2010
What ended the Ice Age? June 25th ... scientists know the consensus theory is inadequate - which may come as a surprise to some. All  the textbooks are emphatic - it happened this way and they go on to describe in detail the consensus model of how it came about. The trigger was an orbital shift known as the Milankovitch Cycle. It caused more sunlight to fall across the northern half of the earth where the great ice sheets lay.

25 Jun 2010
Venus, Mars ... asks, Was Venus once a habitable planet? Did it once have an ocean? This is an exercise in computer modellingt - read with a beady eye.