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21 Nov 2019
Florida Native American Settlement

At ... a LiDAR survey of Florida has thrown up evidence of a huge Native American settlement on Raleigh Island - going back to between 900 and 1200AD. This  coincides with the Medieval Warm Period and we may suppose it was the changing climate around AD1200 that led to its abandonment - or possibly its capture by a hostile tribe. It was also at ... but the link has now gone. LiDAR once again proving to be an effective archaeological tool, especially in challenging environments.

21 Nov 2019
Life on Mars

At ... it seems insect might have lived on Mars. Are they the vermin of Velikovsky? An Ohio University professor says we already have evidence of life on Mars. He specialises in arbovirology and medical entymology said he spent a lot of time looking at photographs beamed back from Mars. He claims to have found insects in those photographs. He presented his findings to a meeting of the Entomological Society of America in St Louis (November 2019) and said, there has been and still is life on Mars.

21 Nov 2019
Ibis Mummies

The ancient Egyptians mummified a number of different animals, from bulls to crocodiles. They also mummified the sacred Ibis bird - but did they harvest from the wild or were they domesticated. Rather than read the press release here is the full article in PLoS ONE online journal - go to ... the authors claim to have discovered where they obtained so many Ibis - over the course of hundreds of years. Ibis played an important role in Egyptian religion.


28 Nov 2019
Red Spot False Alarm

At ... reports of the demise of Jupiter's Great Red Spot are greatly exaggerated we are told. It seems visible clouds hide the true size and nature of the vortex and it is not shrinking as alleged earlier this year.

28 Nov 2019
Shining Apparition

At ... it is interesting to see how the idea Comet 21/Borisov is an interstellar intruder has become a mainstream mantra - without any really firm evidence apart from the fact it is travelling very fast and its trajectory. Never the less, going with the flow, the comet has now started to shine brightly - just like a comet. Its tail is extending behind it to around 100,000 miles, or 160,000 km in EU speak. The comet head itself is estimated at around one mile across.

28 Nov 2019

At ... a dinosaur skull unearthed in 2015 is causing a problem. It was the skull of a styracosaurus, complete with horns. The differences in the skull's left and right profiles are so extreme they appear to belong to two different animals - but clearly aren't ...

28 Nov 2019
Lion Cub Mummies

Gary sent in the link ... Egyptian archaeologists unearthed a cache of 75 wooden and bronze statues and 5 lion cub mummies decorated with hieroglyphics at the Saqqara necropolis near Giza. Mummified cats, cobras, and crocodiles were also unearthed. They are said to date to dynasty 26 (76th century BC) ...

28 Nov 2019

At ... this appears to be one to accept or to feel a trifle sceptical. An archaeological discovery at Shiloh matches perfectly with the Bible, we are told - which appears to be a corner of a stone altar. Several other recent discoveries at the site point to the same conclusion, the storyline continues. Archaeology appears to be revealing aspects of the Biblical narrative. David Rohl has of course been here already.

30 Nov 2019
Meteor Bombardment

Gary sent in this link to ... earth's rocky surface is the result of meteor bombardment as a result of extraterrestrial impacts smashing into the surface of the earth. Billions of years ago is of course. That is where the goal posts are - for whatever reason. A new study has been looking for an explanation for the onset of Plate Tectonics. They came to the conclusion that a bombardment of meteors and other space debris could have kick started the process.

30 Nov 2019
Galloway Hoard

At ... a painstaking clean-up process of a Viking hoard buried in Scotland over a thousand years ago is unlocking new information on their origin. The Galloway Hoard was found on the Scottish coast opposite the Isle of Man and abutting the Irish Sea. The latter was a Viking sea way with easy access to Dublin as well as the western isles of Scotland, and Cumbria, important areas of Viking settlement.