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21 Jan 2020
Warren Field

At ... we learn about a strange configuration of pits spotted by aerial archaeology at Crothes Castle in Scotland. It is said to be the world's oldest (known) calendar dating back to around 8000BC ..

23 Jan 2020
Biggie Crater

William sent in the link ... which concerns the discovery of a big, if not gi-normous crater, which it is calculated, occurred roughly at the end of snowball earth. The inference is that global warming was caused by the impact when in fact the exact opposite is more likely - an impact event causing a cooling of the climate.

23 Jan 2020
A Dairy Mystery

At ... it begins by telling us the armies of Genghis Khan fed on dried curd as they waged war and destruction on their way across the Eurasian steppes. Dairy foods have been an ancient food source since at least 6000BC - and probably earlier. People were consuming animal milk before they developed a genetic mutation which enabled them to digest it properly. That is the mystery. The mutation meant people produced lactose, an enzyme which breaks down milk sugars.

23 Jan 2020

At ... a 700,000 year old fossil bone indicates a close relative of the little auk, now confined to the North Atlantic, once thrived in the Pacific Ocean


23 Jan 2020
Microbial Mayhem

At ... it was microbial mayhem in the Chicxulub crater - according to a paper published in the journal Geology ( ) and in fact this was due to a rapid reinvigoration of microbial life in the aftermath of the asteroid strike ...

25 Jan 2020
Bush Fire Revelation

At ... the recent bushfires in Victoria (2020) have revealed some interesting archaeology, a series of water channels created by Aborigines in order to trap and harvest eels. Actually, that is not quite true as it has been  known for quite some time. What is new is a series of further channels hitherto unattested.

25 Jan 2020
Pacific Bananas

At ... 3000 year old teeth from skeletons buried in Vanuatu were analysed and microscopic traces of banana and other plants were found in calcified dental plaque. These burials were of the first settlers on the South Sea Islands - the Lapita people. It is therefore likely they brought banana plants with them in their voyages of exploration through the Pacific - or that is the conclusion reached by the researchers ...

25 Jan 2020
Heavenly Bursts of Energy

At ... Cosmic lightning is happening all around us we are told. Somewhere in the sky there is a pulse that flashes and extinguishes itself at the next moment. Such heavenly bursts are measured  with radio telescopes and have been one of the mysteries of astrophysics. They are also known as 'fast radio bursts'. It seems the frequency of these bursts actualy disposes of the standard idea they were created in catastrophic events such as novae (or supernovae come to that).

25 Jan 2020
Antarctic Geology

At ... change in the Antarctic from 35 million years ago is said to chronicle past climate change. That is the necessary nod of the head towards the modern equivalent of eugenics as nobody is actually going  to dig through lots of the ice cap to view the rocks beneath. The research team looked at the sea bed near Drakes Passage. This is the body of water that separates South America from Antarctica, but specifically the area between Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands.

25 Jan 2020
Brain Turned to Glass

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD79 turned the brains of one of its victims into glass, we are told - see ... and we are talking about blast phenomena as in a big explosion - and Vesuvius went off with a bang. Blast is an intense surge of heat - and one of the features of a nuclear explosion. Archaeologists rarely encounter brain tissue but the eruption of Vesuvius killed the inhabitants of Pompeii and Herculanium, and buried them in a thick layer of ash.