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12 Mar 2020
Safire Project

Robert sent in a link to the video at .... and a link to Louis Hissink's web site at

12 Mar 2020
Green Huff

German Greens have got in a huff it seems - see ...a climate activist in Germany is getting a bad press over her flights to various parts of the world, sparking internal strife in the organisation, Fridays For Future. Apparently, a 23 year old has now been replaced by a 17 year old and the older girl has slunk away.

12 Mar 2020
Dinosaurs on Skye

At ... during the Jurassic period the Isle of Skye in Scotland was home to dinosaurs. Various fossil bones have been discovered and now a winter storm has revealed dinosaur footprints on what is said to have been mud flats. Well, they are in mud stone so there must have been mud where they were walking, or running.

13 Mar 2020
Molten Iron Rain

Gary sent in this link - ... and the same story has been all through the media and blogosphere. Gary makes a connection with his own theory that vapourised rock on Mars fell to Earth and condensed out of the atmosphere in the form of quartz grains = Sahara sand (as well as other sand deposits). This is outlined at ... and he also wrote a book, 'Extraterrestrial Sands' Gary Gilligan, Matador:2016.

15 Mar 2020

One of the basic building blocks of life is said to be nitrogen - in one form or another. Now we have the discovery of salts containing nitrogen in Comet Churyumov-gerasimenko. In fact, ammonium salts (back in 2014/2015). This is thought to support the idea life originated in space. See ... and ...

15 Mar 2020
Clouds, Jellyfish and the Sun

At (15th March 2020) we have a view of the Sun by amateur astronomer Martin Wiose. Hundreds of orange 'fibers' are jumping up and falling back down from the surface of the Sun. These are spicules, jets of gas shooting up and collapsing. A big wide thread in the middle of the image below is what is known as a 'prominence' - a cloud of hydrogen held above the Sun's surface by magnetic fields. They are larger than spicules - and last longer ...

16 Mar 2020
Assyria and All That

At ... which is to do with the imperial nature of the Assyrian state. The author actually compares the Assyrian empire to the British empire - in so far as different countries and regions experienced different ways of governance (to blend in with local beliefs and traditions). The post is really a sort of a review of a book, 'The Imperialisation of Assyria: an archaeological approach', Cambridge University Press:2020, by Bledo During. What was the secret of their success, she asks.

17 Mar 2020
Comet Atlas

At (16th March 2020) ... Comet Atlas is brightening - see image below. It is currently as bright as an 8th or 9th magnitude star (still too dim to with the naked eye but with a telescope pointed in the direction of Ursa Major you might be able to pick it up). However, the comet is hundreds of times brighter than astronomers predicted a few months ago - and it is still beyond the orbit of Mars (and a long way from the Sun, which is quiet in any case).

18 Mar 2020
Key Symbol

A key symbol in Electric Universe and Plasma studies has popped up again ...

18 Mar 2020
Japanese Earthquake

At .... reference to the earthquake and tsunani that struck Japan back in 2011. It was the 4th most powerful sisnce modern record keeping began, generating tsunami waves that reached as high as 125 feet in height. It was responsible for a large loss of life - 20,000 souls. The earthquake is thought to have occurred in a subduction zone (btween two plates). Hundreds of square feet of sea floor luched horizontally by 160 feet it is calculated. Thrusting upwards by 33 feet.