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18 Jun 2020
Ocean Crust Waves

Robert also sent in a link to ... the search for the missing plane, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared in the Indian Ocean back in 2014, led to a long and  detailed search of 18,000 square km around the SE Indian Ridge, west of Australia. They didn't find the aeroplane but they did produce a series of sea floor maps that found a geological puzzle previously unknown.

18 Jun 2020
An Antarctic Egg

Robert also sent in a link to ... the second biggest egg ever - found just off the West Antarctic peninsular. It was produced by a marine creature as large as a dinosaur, a sea lizard known as a mosasan. The rocks where it was found also contained skeletal parts of mosasaurs and other prehistoric sea creatures such as the plesiosaurs (both young and adult). Seems like another catastrophic event of some kind was involved in their burial and preservation.

18 Jun 2020
Coal Burning Climate Change

This one was sent in by William but I've found the following three links ... at ... which comes with lots of comments, some of which are useful. The story is about coal contributing to the Permian/Triassic boundary event as a result of persistent volcanism in Siberia (which according to uniformitarian geology continued over many hundreds of thousands of years, even millions of years according to some geologists). See also ...

18 Jun 2020
Insects and Geology

Is this biology or is it geology. Bit of both. At .... the discovery of a tiny insect fossil is said to uncover a history of global movements of animals and the shifting continents across deep time. The 50 million year old fossil was found near Kamloops in Canada but in the modern world its descendants live in Australia. The problem with the press release here is that 50 million years ago is not  deep time and is post-K/T boundary and therefore post Pangea.

18 Jun 2020
Rhynie People

At ... this comes courtesy of The Conservation, a media source that has good ones amidst lots of corny or very bad stories. The Tap O'Noth is a famous hill fort near Rhynie in Aberdeenshire. It is situated on a hill above the village of Rhynie. Drone footage by an aerial 3D laser scanning device has revealed a huge settlement dating from the 3rd to the 6th centuries AD.

19 Jun 2020
Ancient Plague

Jovan Kesic on 30th March 2020, posted a reply to the idea that plague was rampant in the time of Akhnaton and Tutankhamon, suggesting there might have been plague in Egypt even earlier, during the reign of Amenophis III, father of Akhnaton and otherwise considered the apogee of the Egyptian empire period. There was an unprecedented number of statues of Sekhmet erected, sometimes avenues of them, installed at palaces and temples throughout the whole land of Egypt. Sekhmet was a goddess of destruction, associated with flaming fire (according to Ramses III around 150 years later).

20 Jun 2020
Big Boy

At ... dinosaur footprints in Australia of a predator almost the same size as a T. Rex. The footprints were discovered at Walloon Coal Measure in Queensland 90 years ago - and paleontologists have taken a second look at them, along with other footprints of animals. The mine in question has been long since closed down but it would be remarkable if the footprints were found in the coal measure itself - which is fossilised vegetable matter.

23 Jun 2020
Quasar Jets Are

Quasar jets are particle accelerators thousands of light years long - see ... very high energy gamma ray emissions from quasars is not concentrated in the region of the galaxy black hole. Instead, it extends over several thousand light years along jets of plasma. A sort of galactic jet of plasma, perhaps - many times multiplied. Apparently, the discovery is causing a  shake up. Where have we heard that before. It should cause a shake up but odds are it won't.

24 Jun 2020
Noctilucent London

At (June 23rd 2020)  noctilucent clouds over London (see images below). The London Eye and the Thames with the noctilucents overhead. Images taken by Phil Halper and reappearing variously on the web, even on ....

   ... Usually you have to go under a dark sky at higher latitudes to see noctilucents, so this is an unusual sight. Clouds visible at night. Over London ...

24 Jun 2020
Data tampering

This is a major accusation - NASA GISS alter temperature data. Well, they do that by claiming to bring old data in line with modern data, but is it illegal. I would not have thought so. Is it corrupt. Well, depends what side you are on I suppose. The alleged crime is that they have changed cooling to warming in a quite blatant manner. We might ask, if so how are they getting away with it? All is revealed at ... which comes with comments (but just a few).